Ruvi Active Recipe, Cherry Chocolate Protein Energy Bites

Recipe: Ruvi Cherry Chocolate Protein Energy Bites

Protein Energy Bites Recipe that includes fruits and veggies. These energy bites are delectable and very healthy! Get a delicious snack or add them to your kids' lunch sack for some extra energy!

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Tree in a drought and dry land vs. tree in green, lush vegetation

Will the Drought Cause a Shortage in Fruits & Veggies?

You’ve probably heard about the severe drought in the U.S. this summer, right? We were curious about what this could mean for the nation and our access to fresh food, especially fruits and veggies.

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People running down a steep hill at Cirque Series Brighton 2021 Mountain Trail Running Event

Ruvi x Cirque Series Brighton 2021

See the story of the biggest Mountain Trail Running Series in the world as well as our experience as a vendor at Cirque Series 2021.

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People's legs running outside on the pavement with the sun shining

10 Tips to Become Better at Running

See our top 10 running tips for an optimal running experience!

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Man wearing gray tanktop and shorts doing battle rope exercises at the gym

9 Post-Workout Nutrients You Need for Muscle Recovery

You may think protein is all you need to recover from your workout. Not so! There are many vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients that you need for your post-workout routine to build muscle and recover. Check them out!

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Black man in a gray tank top eating a salad

Why Eating Healthy is an Investment, Not a Cost

Why you can't think about eating healthy in terms of dollars and cents.

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People having a 4th of july bbq laughing together outside with the sun shining

7 Life Hacks to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

The 4th of July is a holiday to celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this country. It's also a time for food! But at the same time, you don’t want to wind up with indigestion, a stomach ache, or feeling lethargic during the holiday. 

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Fruit smoothies with straws and raspberries and blueberries around them

Nutrients that Increase Energy Naturally with No Afternoon Crash

Our energy levels have everything to do with what we eat everyday. Find out some of the most powerful nutrients that boost energy, and the foods that contain them.

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Bowl of red tart cherries fruit filled with antioxidants

Why Tart Cherry is Amazing

See why one of our favorite fruits is so amazing for the body and brain.

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Woman standing in a garden holding a case overflowing with vegetables

5 Must-Have Vegetables

Today is one of the most famous national holidays of all time. Can you guess what it is? It’s “National Eat Your Vegetables Day” of course! Okay, so perhaps it’s not famous.. 

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Blonde woman drinking an orange smoothie through a straw

5 Reasons Freeze Dried Fruits & Veggies are Even Better than Fresh

We are big fans of fresh fruits and veggies. But there are many reasons that freeze dried ones have an edge over fresh. Read on to see why.

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Man holding a piggy bank while woman puts coins in it

7 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Let’s face it, health food is expensive; especially when you’re living on a budget. We have 7 tips to help you afford healthy food.

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