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5 Reasons Freeze Dried Fruits & Veggies are Even Better than Fresh

Rather than give you all 45 of those reasons (some number in that vicinity), we’re just going to give you just 5 reasons why freeze dried fruits and veggies have an edge on fresh produce and why you should incorporate them into your weekly diet. 


Ruvi freeze dried fruits and veggies have a one year shelf life 

Long Shelf Life with No Preservatives or Additives


While we love fresh fruits and vegetables, and fully encourage everyone to chow down on them, we also know that they can go bad. This wastes your money, it’s inconvenient, and it means the time you spent driving and shopping was wasted as well. 

Ruvi is made from freeze dried fruits and veggies. By supplementing your fruit and veggie intake each day with Ruvi, you can buy less produce at the store that has the potential to go to waste. 

Less grocery shopping, less wasted money and time, and still getting your whole fruits and veggies for the day? Not bad.

The best part is, because Ruvi is freeze dried it pretty much NEVER goes bad. 

“How does that work?” you might ask. “Is it because it’s filled with preservatives?” 

Nope. It’s just the magic of freeze-drying. 

Ruvi is simply freeze-dried fruits and veggies that have been pulverized into a powder. Freeze drying preserves produce by pulling the moisture out, keeping it good for years. 

On average, freeze dried food lasts 15-25 years. But we recommend drinking your Ruvi before then, as it can get a little clumpy due to no preservatives or fillers.


Eating freshly picked veggies. The only thing more nutritional is freeze dried veggies.


Retain 97% of Nutritional Value


Did you know that fresh produce loses an average of 30% of its nutritional value within 3 days of being picked? (1) 

With Ruvi, you don’t need to worry about that. Our produce is flash frozen within hours of being picked - this helps to preserve the nutrients. It is then freeze dried to further lock in those nutrients and taste.

Our fruits and veggies retain 97% of their nutritional content. (2) 

That means they only lose 3% of their nutritional content, rather than 30%+ like fresh produce does.  

Pop open a packet of Ruvi, pour it in your Ruvi Shaker Bottle, shake up, drink up. You’ll know you’re getting every last drop of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that a fruit or vegetable should have - building your body and mind with every swig. 


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Picked at Peak Ripeness


When it comes to conventional produce, many farmers pick their crops well before they are finished ripening. 

The reason for this is that it can take a long time for farmer’s produce to reach the grocery store, which could be across the country (or the world, for that matter). In order to preserve the fruits or veggies long enough, many farmers pick them weeks before the produce is ripe. 

While this doesn’t seem like too big of a deal at first, many vitamins and minerals do not finish fully developing before the fruit or vegetable is picked. This seriously compromises the nutritional value of the harvest.

This is especially problematic when you consider that phytonutrients and antioxidants do not develop until the final stages of ripening. 

When you buy conventionally-grown produce, you can miss out on a lot of nutrients. This is why supplementing with freeze dried fruits and veggies is a good idea - you can get those much needed nutrients you might not otherwise get. 

On top of this, many fruits and vegetables that are picked before they are ripe are sprayed with chemicals in order to artificially ripen them when the time comes. Some are then irradiated, a process which chemically alters the structure of the fruit or veggie to keep it from spoiling. 

With freeze dried fruits and veggies, like those found in Ruvi, it’s a different story. The farmers we partner with pick our produce when it is fully ripened, then they flash freeze it and ship it to our freeze drying facility within a few days. The flash freeze preserves the nutritional content, and the freeze drying locks it in. 

This is awesome for health, and it makes for a more tasty product, which is another reason we choose to let our produce fully ripen before picking it. 


Easy Storage


The freeze dried fruits and veggies in Ruvi take up a lot less space than typical produce. 

Even if you live in an apartment or condo where you don’t have a lot of room in the pantry, you can store Ruvi with very little space. 

Plus freeze dried fruits and veggies weigh almost nothing, so you can take them with you anywhere you go. 

And unlike fresh produce, Ruvi does not need to be refrigerated, which is convenient. 

Freeze dried makes getting plants into your diet a cinch, because you can keep them on hand for any time in the next day, month, or year. 


Ruvi fruit and veggie healthy smoothies for better everyday health

Easily Get a Variety


Gut health is central to the health of our entire body. Global research conducted by The American Gut Project found that those who consumed 30+ different plants per week had significant levels of good gut bacteria compared to other subjects. 

Researchers determined that having a variety of plants in the diet was what rendered the most significant benefits to gut health of anything they had discovered. (3) This is because good gut bacteria feed on different types of fibers found in plants. Depending on the type of bacteria, they may feed on one type of fiber or another. 

We need to eat a variety of quality plants - especially fruits and veggies - in order to feed our good gut bacteria.

If we do not do this, our gut could be unhealthy or overwhelmed by opportunistic, bad bacteria. If our gut is unhealthy, it impacts every single part of our life. When we have bad gut health, we will likely experience things such as low energy, brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic health problems, memory issues, and more. 

If you subscribe to Ruvi and drink one Ruvi every day, you’re getting 26 different fruits and veggies each week! According to research, consuming this wide variety will have a significant impact on your gut health, and in turn the health of every system in your body. When you get 30+ different plants in your diet each week, it is likely your energy, mental health, clarity, focus, fitness, and performance will see significant improvements.

Once you have 26 different plants in your diet each week from Ruvi, you’ll only have 4 more plants to fit into your diet each week to meet the 30+ mark. And that’s a lot easier number to swallow. (Get it? Swallow?...)

Ahh...jokes about fruits and veggies. They’re so fresh…


fruit and veggie smoothie mixes for better everyday health


Subscribe to Ruvi and get 26 different fruits & veggies in your diet every single week.




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