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7 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Written by Jake Kastleman


Let’s face it, health food is expensive; especially when you’re living on a budget. 

Is it worth it to spend all of that extra money (and time) on healthy choices, rather than just going with processed, junk food?

As a wise man once said:

“You can pay the farmer now or the pharmacist later.”

So, yes, healthy food is expensive, but we’ll be happier in the long run if we prioritize our health now, rather than putting it off until it’s too late.  

That being said, it still helps to have ways of saving money on our nutritious groceries. 

In this article, we’ll share 7 tips to help you afford healthy food on a budget. 


1. Make a Grocery List & Stick to it

An estimated 20% of store purchases are impulse buys.(1) Avoid this by making a plan and be determined to stick to it. Pro tip - look online ahead of time at what is on sale at the store for the week when making your shopping list, and shop for those items. 


2. Go with Homemade Meals

The average meal is 325% more expensive when bought at a restaurant; or about $9 more per person.(2) 

Eating at home can save you a lot of money. 


3. Buy Whole Foods

Many whole foods can be cheaper than their counterparts. 

For instance, whole oats or millet from the bulk section are less expensive than many cold cereals. 

Plus, they’re a whole lot better for your body and brain!

It saves to put a little more effort into food prep; in both money and health. 


4. Buy Fruits and Veggies that are in Season

By choosing produce that is in season, you’ll buy things that are in more abundance during that time of year. 

Due to supply and demand, fruits and veggies in season are typically sold at a lower price. On top of that, they are excellent to include in your diet, as they tend to be far more nutritious!

One nice thing about Ruvi is that it’s always “in season.” This is because the fruits and veggies it contains are freeze dried and maintain their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants year round. 


5. Buy Food Staples in Bulk

It is far more cost effective to buy foods in bulk. 

The trouble is that unless you have 10 kids there are many foods that go bad too fast to buy them in bulk. 

But, with items such as rice, flour, canned goods, frozen goods, and Ruvi, you can stock up. This will help you to save money in the long run.  


6. Make Homemade Salad Dressing

Salad dressing and other condiments can really add up. 

It’s easy to make your own salad dressing. Simply mix up some olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. This makes a decent dressing and costs very little! It’s also a lot healthier than salad dressings that contain GMO soy, canola oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugar, and artificial ingredients. 

If you’d like some more flavor, you can add garlic or other spices to the mix! 


7. Replace juice and soda with water

Buying juice and soda can really add up. Plus, these drinks are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients known to cause disease and mental health problems. 

You’ll save money by going with water (not to mention trips to the doctor in the long run). But, if you don’t have a taste for water, and you still want to kick the cravings for juice and soda, subscribe to Ruvi and see what drinking one every day can do for you. Ruvi is great at helping you kick food cravings. 

Ruvi Boost fruit and veggie smoothie surrounded by tropical fruits

What About Ruvi?

Ruvi is not the same thing as juice or a mix made from concentrate. It has no added sugar, artificial ingredients, or preservatives, and it contains all of the fiber and micronutrients that whole fruits and veggies do. 

Ruvi is fruits and vegetables. Plain and simple. 

Plus, they’re fruits and vegetables that don’t ever go bad. This is because they are freeze dried. Freeze drying is a safe way to preserve food while maintaining its nutritional content long term. That’s even better than the fresh produce you’ll find in the grocery store that loses its nutrition as it ripens! 

The fruits and veggies in Ruvi are picked at peak ripeness. That is even better than a lot of fresh produce that is picked well before it is ripe. Ruvi’s fruits and veggies have all of their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants intact, whether you drink them now or 6 months from now. 

Ruvi will fill you with the energy, fitness, and strength you are looking for. Not to mention you’ll just feel happier when you drink it each day. 

That’s the power of fruits and veggies. 

Subscribe to Ruvi and never miss your daily fruits and veggies again. 


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