There’s something
about dirt 

That’s a weird place to start this story, but it’s true. When you’ve got a little dirt on your hands and face, you’ve either been working hard or playing hard. And we love to do both.

“Ru-vi: the roots of life"

We’re the type of people that would rather be outside than in. We love the earth. We love getting out and playing—exploring, innovating, and experiencing! And to fully dig into life we need to be healthy. That’s why we’re passionate about fruits and vegetables. They provide the nutrients our bodies need to stay active. Real nutrition that comes from the earth, not a lab.

And just like that, we’re back to the dirt.

We started on this journey to help everyone have access to real nutrition so everyone has a chance to get out and play…and get some dirt on their hands! It’s time to get back to the roots of life.

Our mission is to help people get out and play by providing real nutrition in the simplest way possible.

Four servings of Whole fruits and veggies in every packet