Hi there 👋 from Jason and Amber, a couple of friends with a passion for healthy eating and a disdain for waste. For years we were on the hunt for the perfect innovation to help people get more fruits and vegetables while also minimizing the impact of food waste on the planet.

While in our old digs we noticed these vibrant, beautiful powders that were going to waste after a freeze drying run of strawberries, spinach, and other fruits and vegetables, and we thought, we can’t just throw that away. It’s pure nutrition!

So we took to the kitchen and started combining these powders into various delicious combos of pure fruits and vegetables to create the first Ruvi drink blends.

We had no idea what we had our hands on until we gave Ruvi to friends and family to start drinking every day and their health started to change in dramatic ways. That’s the power of fruits and vegetables!

Now we’re on a mission to crush nutritional deficiency with the planet’s purest source of nutrition – fruits and veggies. Pretty much everyone alive is DEFICIENT.

Join thousands of people who are living longer and with more vibrancy by drinking a Ruvi a day. 

We promise you’ll feel it.

Jason Budge and Amber Benson

“Ru-vi: the roots of life"


Partnerships & Events

Building a vibrant community of engaged ambassadors and brand partners who help drive our mission forward. I lead the charge to integrate Ruvi into the community and events.


Creative Director & Brand Experience

Leading and shaping the Brand Standards in the Company's: Advertising, Marketing, and Products.


Customers & Products

Supporting and Interacting with our customers and suppliers, securing the ingredients that make up Ruvi, along with formulating the original and upcoming products. 


Social Media & Content

Striving to expand our online community, creating content and managing Ruvi’s social media platforms. I love communicating with so many different individuals about what our company is all about!

Our mission at Ruvi is to empower every person to live their most vibrant life with the planet’s purest source of nutrition–fruits and vegetables.

Four servings of Whole fruits and veggies in every packet