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There are a few major differences between us and the rest of the fruit and vegetable drinks out there, and a ton of minor ones. Let's focus on the major ones.
None. No added sugars, flavors, fillers, preservatives, nothing. This is literally just freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Period.
How in the world can we offer a blend of fruits and vegetables in a packet that stays fresh for months without adding any preservatives?! It’s surprisingly simple. We remove the water (nothing else). You add it back in when you’re ready for Ruvi.
Fiber is a vital part of fruits and veggies! It’s essential for keeping your digestive system clean and strong. So, why do the juice companies strip it out of their products and add sugar? We don’t know. With Ruvi, you can expect to taste some texture. That’s the good fiber in your freeze dried fruit and vegetable drink. And that means your body is loving it.
Here’s a sad reality: once produce is harvested, it starts to lose nutrients almost immediately due to oxidation and aging processes. It makes sense, right? Many fruits and vegetables lose 30% of nutrients within 3 days! Spinach loses 100% of its vitamin C content by day 4! Sadly, by the time produce gets to your house, you're likely missing out on substantial nutrients. Not the case with Ruvi. Our Nutrilock process locks in nutrients (and taste) within hours of being harvested. Learn more about Nutrilock here.
We give you 1 ½ servings of veggies in every freeze dried food drink, except Ruvi Clean, where you get 2 ½ servings!
Ruvi’s got a couple of things going when it comes to taste. First, the Ruvi freeze dried recipe formulas. Each of the 4 blends was created by a dedicated research and development team, which included culinary specialists, who found the perfect balance of nutritional benefits and natural sweetness. It was a grand slam. Second, because of the Nutrilock process (there it is again), we’re able to lock in the unmatched taste of produce right off the vine. You just don’t get that taste in a grocery store where the produce has been sitting, losing its flavor (and its nutrients). Thank you, Nutrilock process!
Tear open, add to water, shake — that’s it. That’s as easy as it gets. No blender. No fridge or freezer required. And what about compared to “fresh” produce? Ruvi is WAY easier. No washing, peeling, or chopping. No mushy, sticky messes. And best of all, no spoilage.
When was the last time you went to the market or a grocery store and came home with 26 different fruits and vegetables? Yeah, me neither. But that’s exactly what you’re getting with the 4 Ruvi freeze dried whole food blends. The most exciting part of that is the fact that each fruit and vegetable provides different benefits for your body! So, eating carrots and strawberries every day is great…but eating 26 fruits and vegetables every week is SO MUCH BETTER!
There’s a place for supplements, we don’t disagree there. But when put to the test in clinical trials, real whole food outperforms supplements every time. Ruvi is the real deal!
Most powders are air-dried or drum-dried because it’s easier and cheaper. Both use high heat, which kills many of the beneficial nutrients in plants, not to mention it messes with taste. Ruvi is freeze dried, the absolute best way to remove water — because it keeps the nutrients, color, and taste as potent as the day the food was picked.
Because it is that good.
There really is nothing like Ruvi. It’s straight up goodness that your body is craving in the simplest, easiest-to-consume form: freeze dried whole fruits and vegetables, and nothing else.
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