“Your body and brain are starving for fruits and vegetables. Give it to them and see what happens!”

- Dr. John Hatch DC, Neurology and Brain Health

Endorsed by my favorite patient

“When I was introduced to Ruvi, I immediately wanted my mom to try it. It’s hard for her to get fresh fruits and vegetables. She even has a hard time peeling a banana. This has made a noticeable difference for my mother.”

Conviction meets convenience!

“People tell me all the time, 'If you could make eating healthy as easy as it is to eat unhealthy, I’ll do it.' Well, Ruvi is on to something. I’m on day 45, and I feel amazing!”

I don’t set my alarm anymore

“I’ve always tried to eat healthy, but I’ve never been great with fruits and vegetables. I’ve been drinking Ruvi for several weeks now, and I’ve never felt this great. I have more energy from the minute I wake up.”

Your brain needs fuel

“People have turned to supplements and multivitamins to fuel the brain, but they’re missing the boat! What you need is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and that’s exactly what Ruvi is offering in an easy, convenient, portable drink.”

Brennon Lund

Brennon Lund Professional Athlete

Fruits and veggies are hard to get. Especially during the season. I eat a lot of protein, but outside of salads I rarely get fruits and veggies. Ruvi has made a huge difference for me. First of all, it gives me more energy. I feel it immediately. I take it after workouts and it gives me a boost.”

Since drinking Ruvi I'm sleeping a lot better. I don't wake up groggy. I wake up refreshed and much more ready for the day.

And now that I've been drinking it for a while, I notice a difference even when I miss one day. I don't feel the same. I don't get that energy boost, and I don't sleep as well. Ruvi, for me, has made a big difference in my overall health.

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Lori T

Lori T Ruvi customer

I am absolutely hooked! Ruvi is a game changer when it comes to getting enough fruits and vegetables in my diet on a daily basis. They just make it so simple and delicious! I've found that starting my day with a blend of real fruits & vegetables increased my overall energy and curbed cravings. I also wasn't reaching for that 10am granola bar anymore. I've finally found a way to "trick" my husband into consuming vegetables.

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Debbie F

Brooke P Certified Athletic Trainer

So many people don't know what a difference fruit and vegetable consumption will make in overall health, attitude, and energy. The benefits of fruits and vegetables seem to be the one thing people on opposite sides of the health industry can agree on it. Once people start consistently eating more fruits and vegetables, they don't want to stop. The hard part is creating the new habit.

This is where Ruvi has made it SO easy! Grab a packet, pour some water, give it a shake and you've got yourself four high quality servings of fruits AND vegetables with all the fiber and no added sugars. I don't know of any other product out there that can offer a great taste, variety in flavor, high quality fruits and vegetables with no extra add-ins, quick prep time, and a long shelf-life. I am very picky about what products I bring into my home and recommend to my clients, and this is one I feel very good about drinking myself and sharing with others!

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Bella H

Bella H Ruvi customer

I'm so extremely impressed with Ruvi. I can't believe that fruits and veggies combined with no additives or preservatives can taste so amazing. My husband doesn't eat fruits and veggies much, but he is totally in love with Ruvi. He drinks one a day! Also, my 2-year-old son has problems with eating foods, and Ruvi is a life-saver. My son is now able to get servings of fruits and vegetables. I give it to him daily. I'm so grateful for it.

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Christina H

Christina H Ruvi customer

I have a very hard time remembering to eat at all during my busy days. Having Ruvi around has allowed me to get whole food nourishment into my body without having to stop and fix a meal…. It is so much easier to get through the day when I actually feed my body, LOL! My mind works better. My emotions work better. Making decisions is easier.

Everybody knows that eating junk is bad for you, but when it’s individually packaged in a bar full of sugar that you can throw in your car and forget about, that tends to be what you chow down on when you're starving to death, LOL! Now I have something GOOD to feed me when I need to eat but didn't prepare! Not only is it good for me, but it’s actually tasty and refreshing too!

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Kathy A

Kathy A Ruvi customer

I am more than thrilled to be able to have all my servings of fruit and veggies in just a couple of drinks. I find when I drink Ruvi, I have the energy to tackle the rest of my day. I know I am much healthier, and I feel like a good mom because my kids are getting the nutrition they need in a more convenient way. They’d much rather drink their fruits and veggies than have to eat a big bowl of broccoli or asparagus. It blows my mind as to the variety of fruits and veggies we have in Ruvi. It’s like drinking the rainbow!

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No more naps

“When I started drinking Ruvi, I hoped it would give me more energy. I did not anticipate how much energy it would give me, and how quickly. Five days after starting it, I'm nap free.”