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The Power of Plants

Plants are powerful. They make oxygen for us to breathe, they remove harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and they are chock full of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables help our bodies grow, protect us from harmful compounds, and nurture our intelligence. Plants are pretty amazing, and because of this, more and more doctors, nutritionists, scientists, dieticians, and food experts agree that a plant-based diet is the best diet that humans can consume.

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How to Get Your Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients sounds like a pretty complicated word, but really, it refers to a very simple group of nutrients (the substances that provide nourishment). Phytonutrients are specifically plant compounds, that is, the nutrients found in plants. You may have heard of them in other ways: antioxidants, flavonoids, flavones, phytochemicals, catechins, isoflavones, carotenoids, and polyphenols, to name a few. All of these terms reference phytonutrients: the nutrients that are available to humans from plants.

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4 Ruvi blend smoothies surrounded by 26 different fruits and vegetables

Top Questions About Ruvi

With a product like Ruvi, we can see why there might be some misunderstandings about it. Ruvi is pretty unique when it comes to fruit and vegetable products, and it doesn’t really compare very easily to anything else out on the market right now. We get a lot of questions about Ruvi and have found that there are a lot of questions out there that aren’t really very well understood, so we thought we’d take some time to talk about: some of the top questions about Ruvi.

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Why Freeze Drying Works

It’s so tempting, the produce section of your local grocery store. The crisp, vibrant red and green lettuces. The brightly-colored apples, pears, oranges, and bananas. Oh, the exotics, like kiwifruit, mangosteen, pomegranates, or dragon fruit! You can get almost anything from your local grocery store these days. Isn’t it incredible?

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Ruvi Focus Smoothie in a glass with 10 fruits and veggies surrounding

Drink Your Nutrients with Ruvi Focus

Ruvi Focus is the freeze dried fruit and vegetable drink that gives you the power of drinking nutrients to keep your body healthy and your brain sharp. Focus contains a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to sharpen your mental skills and hone your concentration. Ruvi makes it easy to get your vitamins in drinkable form.

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Ruvi Boost Smoothie surrounded by tropical fruits, pineapple, carrot, butternut squash

Put a Boost Into Your Day

We’ve all had those days where we just feel sluggish. Like we didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe we got too much. We can often see it the most in our skin, which easily gets dull and dry when our immune system is overloaded. When you start to feel like the energy is just being drained right out of you, that’s when it’s time to harness the power of the best fruit and vegetable drink on the market and put it to work for you. With Ruvi Boost, you can jump-start your day anytime, and get your skin glowing as well. Ruvi Boost is loaded with fruits and vegetables specifically designed to give you that burst of energy when you need it and to support your immune system from the inside out.

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Ruvi Active Smoothie in a glass with red fruits and vegetables surrounding

Get In Touch With Your Active Self

Ready to take on the day? With a Ruvi Active healthy drink, there’s no telling what you can do. Our proprietary formula gives you a blend of 8 fruits and vegetables formulated to rev your metabolism and keep it going. We want to make sure you’re good to go all day, so our Active formula contains fruits and vegetables great for harnessing power for the long haul.

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7 Great Reasons to Add Ruvi to Your Diet

Getting all of the fruits and veggies you need every day can be trying sometimes! How to manage it, what to buy, how to prepare it, what to use it in, how much is in a many unanswered questions that, at the end of the day, aren’t helpful and might actually discourage you from buying fruits and veggies in the first place!

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Ruvi Clean Smoothie blend in a glass with green vegetables and fruits

Ruvi Clean Brings Out The Best In Freeze Dried Foods

Freeze dried foods are nothing new, but Ruvi Clean brings a whole new dimension to the world of cleansing and detoxing using fruits and vegetables. Ruvi Clean is built to support your system’s natural cleansing and detoxification processes with 8 fruits and vegetables that are delicious, satisfying and fulfilling. Check out the power of these ingredients.

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Eight Things You Didn't Know About Freeze-Dried Produce

Freeze dried foods are becoming ever more abundantly available, and droves of people are experiencing the unique benefits. Here at Ruvi, we took the science of freeze drying to a new level, and it resulted in the creation of a brand-new, freeze dried food that brings four whole servings of fruits and vegetables to your smoothie, salad, cereal, yogurt, or simply on its own mixed with water as a refreshing drink. 

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