4 Ruvi blend smoothies surrounded by 26 different fruits and vegetables

Top Questions About Ruvi

With a product like Ruvi, we can see why there might be some misunderstandings about it. Ruvi is pretty unique when it comes to fruit and vegetable products, and it doesn’t really compare very easily to anything else out on the market right now. We get a lot of questions about Ruvi and have found that there are a lot of questions out there that aren’t really very well understood, so we thought we’d take some time to talk about: some of the top questions about Ruvi.


It’s juice, right?

This is definitely the number one misconception about Ruvi: that when you mix up the packet with water, it’s the same thing as juice. Actually, juice and Ruvi are such completely different products that it’s like comparing tadpoles with Teslas: there’s simply no comparison! And Ruvi is much better for you than fruit juice.


How is it different from juice?

Most fruit juices are actually made up mostly of water and sugar, with the “juice” part being a very small percentage of reconstituted fruit juice concentrate. Even the juices that claim to be 100% fruit juice usually come from concentrate. Juice often has added sugars, preservatives, stabilizers and other completely unpronounceable ingredients that have nothing to do with fruit or vegetables at all. Additionally, juices typically strip out all of the fiber in the fruits or vegetables.

When you mix a packet of Ruvi with water, on the other hand, you get mostly water plus four whole servings of fruits and vegetables, in one convenient place. The fruits and vegetables have been freeze dried and powdered so that you can mix them into water and enjoy them as a delicious beverage that’s easy to make. There are no concentrates, added sugars, preservatives, stabilizers or anything extra at all. Just fruit and veggies that have been picked at their peak and freeze-dried, then powdered to bring you the easiest way yet to get your fruits & veggies every day.


Why is Ruvi better than juice?

Ruvi is simply fruits and vegetables with no added chemicals or flavorings, no extra sugars or stabilizers, none of the extra items you’ll find in most juice. And because Ruvi uses whole fruits and veggies, skins and all, you get the additional fiber and nutrients from those materials, which most juice-makers discard. Some even discard the fiber and add in more sugar.


Why freeze dry?

Freeze drying is the best method of preserving as much of the nutrition as possible in fruits and vegetables. By freeze drying, we can allow the produce to naturally ripen to their peak and then harvest them at that point, ensuring we get the maximum available nutrient profile of the fruits and vegetables. This is also when it is going to taste the best. Freeze drying also allows for less expensive transport for the fruits and veggies and the finished product, because it’s so much lighter.


Is Ruvi good for athletes?

Ruvi is an excellent choice for athletes in terms of pre-workout, during workout or post-workout. The natural sugars in the fruits and vegetables give you energy, the hydration of the beverage knocks out your thirst, and the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the fruits and veggies help to hydrate, sustain and recover. The Active and Boost blends may be especially helpful. Athletes love Ruvi!


Is Ruvi okay for kids?

Are fruits and veggies okay for kids? Then Ruvi is okay for kids. Just make sure someone a little older helps supervise mixing it up.


Do I have to mix it with water?

You can mix Ruvi into anything you’d like, so feel free to get creative! Some like to add it to smoothies or coconut milk, some to yogurt or granola. However you want to enjoy your Ruvi is just fine...we just hope that you enjoy it!


Why four blends?

We created four different blends of Ruvi: Active, Boost, Clean and Focus, to give you a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and to focus on certain functions. They are broken down by color and flavor into fruits and vegetables that help to do specific things, like give your immune system a boost or help with mental focus. Overall, the four blends that make up Ruvi give you 26 total fruits and vegetables your diet needs in a delicious, drinkable spectrum.

We hope that this helps clear up some of the lingering questions there may be about Ruvi and helps to demystify this awesome fruit and vegetable drink. Ruvi makes a great addition to any diet and is convenient enough to enjoy anywhere. Please feel free to contact us anytime!