Drink Your Nutrients with Ruvi Focus

Ruvi Focus Smoothie in a glass with 10 fruits and veggies surrounding

Ruvi Focus is the freeze dried fruit and vegetable drink that gives you the power of drinking nutrients to keep your body healthy and your brain sharp. Focus contains a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to sharpen your mental skills and hone your concentration. Ruvi makes it easy to get your vitamins in drinkable form.



Blueberry has one of the highest antioxidant levels of common fruits and vegetables; blueberry can help brain function and improve your memory. They’re great for your heart, too.



Grape improves memory, attention and mood; may also slow aging and increase longevity.



The antioxidant compounds in blackberries fight free radicals and they alter how brain neurons communicate; this can help reduce brain inflammation that often leads to cognitive and motor issues than come with aging.



Balances blood sugar levels, improves digestive health, and is high in many nutrients, including vitamin B6, which can increase mood-boosting serotonin.



These are associated with a reduced risk of chronic disease; it can slow cognitive decline by up to two and a half years.



High levels of vitamin K and choline, which strengthen cognitive capacity and improve memory.



Might stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin levels due to insoluble and soluble fiber content; high in vitamin C and riboflavin, which improves brain strength and slows degenerative mental disorders.



One of the healthiest vegetables on earth, spinach helps fight chronic diseases like cancer, and is rich in vitamin K, lutein, folate, iron, and beta carotene, which are all brain-healthy ingredients that may arrest cognitive decline.



This dark purple Brazilian super fruit is packed with nutrition, especially anthocyanins — antioxidants that help the heart, reduce cancer, and might protect the brain from damage due to aging.


Maqui Berry

Rare, exotic purple fruit that grows wild in South America and is mainly harvested by the Machupe Indians in Chile; maqui berries pack three times the antioxidants of most berries; also fights inflammation, protects against heart disease, and helps improve memory.

As you can see, drinking nutrients isn't just easy, it’s delicious, too. With all of these fruits and vegetables, freeze dried at their peak for optimum nutrition, Ruvi Focus gives you two and a half servings of fruit and one and half servings of vegetables in one convenient, tasty drink.


Vitamins for Your Brain

Vitamins are essential to support the neurological activity constantly ongoing in your brain, and the best way to get them is through whole food sources. Ruvi makes it simple to get your fruits and vegetables in a convenient package that can be mixed with water, stirred into a smoothie, sprinkled over yogurt, or consumed however you’d like! We always freeze-dry whole fruits and vegetables to retain all of the vital nutrition from the entire plant, including all of that delicious fiber that keeps you regular.

Have you considered drinking vitamins as a way to help your focus? Ruvi Focus is here to give you the nutrients you need to support a healthy brain, heart and body.

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