Girl exercising doing sit ups in a gym with a personal trainer

How to Get Started Exercising Today

Can't get your behind off the couch? Learn big time tips for how to get up and get moving without relying on willpower alone. 

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Sean and Christina Conlon with Nash from Nashies and Paws for Love

Living In Color with Sean & Christina Conlon

Sean, Christina, and their dog Nash have been on tour for the last year donating their time and talents to serving others as a part of Paws For Love, an organization that uses therapy dogs to help others who are experiencing mental/emotional hardships, including veterans, patients in hospitals, those with special needs, and children with autism.

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Woman drinking her whole fruits and veggies in a smoothie while holding an apple

The Easy Way to Get Daily, Whole Fruits & Veggies

What are the reasons you struggle to get your daily fruits and veggies in? Is it the time, prep, or energy it takes? We'll tell you how you can get them everyday in 30 seconds or less. 

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Is Fast Food Disrupting Your Hormones?

Is Fast Food Disrupting Your Hormones?

What unexpected ingredient in fast food could be leading to hormone disruption and other negative side effects? Here's a hint: It has to do with plastic.

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Children with pumpkins on their heads for Halloween

A Very Ruvi Halloween

Check out the traditions of some of our people here at Ruvi! Plus, a fun Halloween recipe!

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Little child smiling in Halloween jack o'lantern costume

A Great Way to Stay Healthy this Halloween

Here are a few simple ways to help you and your kids have fun and feel healthy this Halloween.

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One of the biggest Freeze dryers in the world inside the Ruvi warehouse

Taking Fruits & Veggies Into Outer Space

We freeze dry all of the produce for Ruvi, which makes it some of the most nutrient-dense fruits & veggies on the planet. Read this to find out some seriously cool things about our freeze drying process. 

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Middle aged man smiling and folding his arms

7 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

There are so many ways to improve your mental health. We will teach you 7 things you can start doing today to better your mood and mental stability.

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Man sitting cross-legged meditating

Part 3: 14 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Ever thought of taking a life inventory to build your immune system? We are going to tell you 4 more unexpected ways to build your immune system!

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People laughing and eating a healthy meal with fruits and vegetables

Part 2: 14 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Learn 4 more simple ways you can boost your immune system including getting prebiotic and probiotic foods and how relationships impact your immunity.

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Grandma and granddaughter gardening outside with plants

Part 1: 14 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

There are many ways to support and build your immune system. We will give you 14 top ways to do it in this 3 part series. Some you may know about, others you probably haven't heard of. Follow these top 14 ways to support immunity and experience quality health and wellness.

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15 minute At-Home HIIT Workout with Wendy Iglesias

15-minute At-Home HIIT Workout with Wendy Iglesias

Wendy brings it in this all-new 15-minute HIIT workout that is designed to get you pumped! This is a tabata-style workout made up of 8 different compound exercises. Each exercise is 20 seconds with a 10 second rest between each. You then repeat the cycle 3 times. 

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