15-minute At-Home Full Body Workout with Tedi Searle

15-minute full body at-home workout with Tedi Searle

“I like how Ruvi comes in convenient packages that are easy to take to the gym or to throw in my pack as I’m out trail running.” - Tedi Searle

Looking for a challenging workout that will leave you feeling like a million bucks? Well, this is the one!  

Tedi Searle, a.k.a. “The Endorphin Junkie”, ‘brings the hurt’ with this full-body 15-minute workout! It even includes a bonus 10-minute stretch sequence at the end so you get the perfect start to your day. 

Tedi Searle: Certified Exercise Instructor

Tedi Searle is a yoga and NASM certified instructor with a Masters in Exercise Science. So she knows her stuff!

Tedi was diagnosed with Adult ADHD as a college student. While her programs and retreats are for everyone, she is setting a new and refreshing standard in the outdoor fitness and yoga industry for those with ADHD. 

In her programs and retreats, she focuses on sparking joy through movement in connection with mother nature. She instructs and leads others in running/hiking, lifting, and yoga in an adventure-centric experience, bringing your ability to refocus and rejuvenate to a greater level. 

Tedi is passionate about connecting with ambitious, adventurous, and ADHD individuals. She is here to introduce you to simple sustainable daily practices that will help you stay present, sparkly, and focused on living a healthy life driven by what matters to you most. 

Follow Tedi Searle on Instagram: @the_endorphin_junkie

Why "The Endorphin Junkie" Loves Ruvi

Tedi Searle the endorphin junkie backpacking in the mountains with Ruvi

“I found Ruvi about a year ago when I was looking for products to take backpacking. I really liked how Ruvi came in convenient packages that are easy to take to the gym or to throw in my pack as I’m out trail running. The other big thing to me is that they don’t have any fillers, which is very important to me as I try to eat wholesome and clean.” - Tedi Searle

15-minute At-Home Workout with Tedi Searle, “The Endorphin Junkie”

Tedi Searle 15 minute hardcore workout video link

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