Ruvi x Cirque Series Brighton 2021

People running down a steep hill at Cirque Series Brighton 2021 Mountain Trail Running Event

Photo by Ben Altenes


Racers ran 6.7 miles with 3,000 foot elevation gain, hitting each mountain peak of Brighton in a loop around the resort. Winner of first place overall, Travis Morrison, crossed the finish line at 1 hour, 9 minutes, a staggering time when you consider the amount of incline involved.

This race was not for the faint of heart. 


The Annual Cirque Series Trail Running Race

Cirque Series Brighton 2021 woman running on a trail in the mountains
Photo by Keith Fearnow

The Cirque Series is held each summer at multiple ski resorts throughout the Mountain West Region. Each race course leads runners along the tops of the peaks throughout the resort. Runners at Brighton submitted 3 of the highest peaks in the resort and trekked across multiple mountain ranges, including Mt. Millicent at 10,795 ft. and Sunset Peak at 10,648 ft. 

Better hope you don’t get elevation sickness, right? 


Julian Carr: Founder of Cirque Series

Julian Carr speaking on a microphone in front of an audience at Cirque Series 2021 Alta

Photo by Iz La Motte

This thrilling and grueling race was started by a friend of ours, Julian Carr (second to the left). Julian Carr is an X Games Gold Medalist and skiing extraordinaire. Julian holds a gold medal for the photo taken of him jumping a 210 foot cliff on skis. 

When Julian isn't busy shredding some gnarly 'pow' during the winter, he can be found up on the mountains 'pushing peaks' and pumping up steep inclines. For a long time, Julian road his mountain bike during the summer months, but found it wasn't the best way to get his dog, Lexi, out on the trail, as she was practically sprinting to keep up. 

So Julian took up trail running. Soon, he wanted to begin competing, but found that there weren't really any events in the U.S. that held the mountain trail running series he was looking for. 

So...he created one.

Julian brought together the extremes of trail running and competition with the comradery of post-skiing café hangouts. Cirque Series is well known for its highly positive atmosphere and the down-to-earth crowd it attracts. 

Cirque started out simply as Julian inviting friends to come out and run trails with him. It has transformed into the biggest trail running series in the world - an annual race with thousands of participants, vendors, and volunteers. 


Ruvi and Cirque Series

Ruvi Team at Cirque Series 2021 talking to people about Ruvi smoothies and giving samples at their vendor booth

Photo by Keith Fearnow

As one of the vendors at the race, we had the chance to introduce Ruvi to hundreds of new people. When you’re among so many lovers of health, nutrition, and the outdoors it’s hard not to become best friends with everyone. 

The excitement at the race was palpable. So many passionate people who lived vibrant lives full of color surrounded us. Though we didn’t get to run the race with them, we were there to cheer each runner on as they crossed the finish line. 

What a day it was! 


Runners’ Respond to Ruvi

We were thrilled by the response we received from many who stopped by to try our product and check out our brand. Here is some of the feedback we received:

“It’s seriously just fruits and vegetables? There’s no way. There has to be added sugar.” 

“This is delicious. You honestly didn’t use a blender to make this?”

“It’s a powder, but it’s not artificial?”

“Gosh, that’s actually REALLY good. It’s just fruits and veggies?”

Many were surprised. But yes, it’s true. Ruvi is just fruits and veggies. It requires no sugar, no additives, no preservatives, no funny business. Also there is no blender, no prep, and no clean up either. It’s simply pour, shake, drink. That’s it.

Plus, it tastes delicious. Pour Ruvi powder in with 7-8 ounces of ice cold water and shake it up using a shaker bottle with an agitator. You’ll see how good a no-prep smoothie can really taste. Plus, you’re getting 4 servings of fruits and vegetables in every packet, with all of the fiber included.   

Increase Your Fitness: Pour, Shake, Drink

Our mission is to increase people’s health and happiness through the power of fresh fruits and veggies. 

We know that life is hectic these days, and so we want to give people real, whole nutrition in the most convenient way possible. As our product is freeze dried, it retains nutrients like no other product can. We make Ruvi from fresh fruits and veggies that are straight from the farm; we then pull the moisture out, grind it into a powder, and you drink it. 

It’s that easy.

Eating fresh produce from the farm has never been simpler. On July 3rd, 500 runners gathered in the mountains of Brighton Ski Resort for 1 of 6 annual Cirque Series races. As the sun came up, the morning turned from brisk to boiling when the race began at 10:00 am. 

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