Woman drinking her whole fruits and veggies in a smoothie while holding an apple

The Easy Way to Get Daily, Whole Fruits & Veggies

What are the reasons you struggle to get your daily fruits and veggies in? 

Perhaps it’s the time they take. Fresh food requires effort and energy, and that’s often in short supply when you live such a busy life. Too much needs to get done and your physical health often falls by the wayside, right? 

What about your kids? Do they get the fruits and veggies they need? If they don’t, that’s pretty normal. Most people have a hard time getting fresh produce in their kids’ diets these days. Heck, after all that sugary, salty, and delicious processed food, why in the world would kids want the fresh stuff? Not to mention they are even busier than us sometimes between school, dance, soccer, etc. 

Yeah, there are about as many obstacles to getting daily fresh fruits and veggies as there are flies in a landfill of manure (now that’s a great image, isn’t it?)

Okay, so let’s say you are 1 out of 10 adults who actually gets enough fruits and veggies every day, and your kids are getting fresh foods too. You’re still not getting the nutrients you should be, because our food just isn’t what it used to be. 

Yep, it’s true. 

You see, grocery store produce is much less nutritious than it was a hundred years ago. This is in part because it’s usually picked very early for shipping purposes, as much of the stuff we get in the U.S. comes from places as far as South America. This prevents it from fully developing its vitamins, antioxidants, etc. On top of that, it loses even more nutrition as it sits on the grocery store shelf (around 30% on average is lost in just 3 days). 

If you are battling with these challenges, wishing you could get more fruits and veggies in your diet and wanting more nutritious food, we can help out.


What’s the Secret?

Our secret is freeze dried fruits and veggies. While freeze drying can be a bit “sciencey”, the process is actually quite simple. We start by lighting the produce on fire, sticking its ashes in a test tube, and then reconstituting it in a reverse osmosis hyperbolic time chamber.

...Okay, so that’s a joke… But we had you going for a second, didn’t we?

Freeze drying is actually easy to understand. First, we freeze the produce, then, we use gentle heat and a change in pressure to remove the water content from fruits and veggies, preserving nutrients and taste long term. This makes the food more nutritious. Plus since we freeze the produce that means we can pick it at peak ripeness before cold shipping it (unlike the typical grocery store). 

If you’d like to know more of the fascinating details behind our process, read our article Taking Fruits & Veggies Into Outer Space. 


Whole Fruits & Veggies in 30 Seconds or Less

We take these freeze dried fruits and veggies, crush them into a powder, and put them in individual packets. Each packet contains 4 servings of whole fruits & veggies, with a blend of 8-10 different fruits and veggies total. You simply pour the packet into a shaker bottle, do the “Ruvi shake”, and drink it. 

So, if you want an easy way to simply check the box that says “I got my fruits and veggies today”, now you have it. No more worrying about your long-term health. No more procrastinating those complicated health goals. No more feeling like garbage because you aren’t getting your daily dose. Box checked, problem solved. 


Say Goodbye to Wasted Produce

One thing you probably face (because we all do), is the frustrating waste of fresh produce. 

This happens due to many small things that occur. Sometimes you don’t have the time to whip up a fresh meal. Other times you’re busy all day and just don’t have the energy after it all. Sometimes you overestimate how many groceries you needed for the week. And still other times that cheeseburger just looks way better than that whole produce, right? 

We get it!

All of this leads to putting off using your fresh produce, and then wasting money and time grocery shopping for food that you don’t actually need. The whole fruits and veggies in Ruvi are something you’ll never throw away, because Ruvi’s whole fruit and veggie freeze dried powder has a shelf life of one full year! Not bad, eh? 


Skip the Grocery Store, Prep, and Clean Up

Whole fruits and veggies take shopping, prep, clean up, time, and energy. With as demanding as your life is, you only have so much to give. 

So what about fruit and veggie drinks like V8? Unfortunately, most fruit and vegetable juices bought from the supermarket are pasteurized and concentrated, processes that kill off a significant amount of nutrients. These aren’t a great way to substitute your need for fruits and veggies. 

With Ruvi, you get all of that whole fruit and veggie goodness with no shopping, no prep, and no clean up. It’s just pour, shake, drink, and you have 4 servings of 8-10 whole fruits and veggies. 

Not bad for such a little packet, eh? 


Nothing added. Nothing taken out.

Our company is run by a couple of total health nuts (who we are very grateful to). They ensure that our products are as healthy as possible, while still being convenient. Our freeze drying process uses gentle heat and a decrease in pressure to extract the water content from fruits and veggies. 

At the end, most of the nutrients are completely intact (including the fiber and enzymes), just like whole fruits & veggies. Only in our case, we picked the fruits and veggies at peak ripeness AND they don’t lose nutrients over time because they are preserved (unlike the grocery stores). 

We do all this without any additives of any kind. No preservatives, no junk, no nonsense. We simply use a little heat and remove the water content. That’s it. 


Fuel Up Anytime, Anywhere.

If you’re like most of the people in the Ruvi Nation, you are constantly on the go - making your dreams come true and filling the world with color. Nice thing about Ruvi is you can take it literally anywhere. 

In the car, on a plane. In a train, in the rain. In a box with a fox. In a house with a mouse. 

Seriously. Anywhere. 

When you feel the 3:00 pm crash, bust out Ruvi and you're good to go. 

Love hiking in the backcountry? Take these instant whole fruits & veggies with you.  

No time to prep? Just pour, shake, drink.

Busy parent? Throw Ruvi in your bag, backpack, or share it with your screaming child in the backseat!

Concerned your kids aren’t getting the nutrients they need? Toss them a Ruvi to drink between school and extracurriculars. 

You can even throw Ruvi in your morning smoothie, or mix it with dry ingredients in a baking recipe. 

Now you have fresh fruits and veggies on any vacation, hike, car ride, or a day at the office. 


Boost Energy, Focus, Immunity, Skin Health, & Digestion 

The names of our blends aren’t just for fun (though they are pretty cool). Each blend has targeted benefits based on research we analyzed and compiled from organizations and universities across the world. 

Ruvi Boost contains whole fruits and veggies with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients specially chosen for their impact on the immune system, as well as skin, hair, and nail health. Soon, you’ll be sparkly and beautiful!

Ruvi Active has 8 different fruits & veggies that charge your heart, cardiovascular, and blood health. Soon you’ll be running up that mountain on your bucket list! 

Ruvi Clean has fruits and veggies to improve your body’s gut health, digestion, and ability to cleanse. Soon, you’ll be….regular! 

Ruvi Focus is loaded with berries and green veggies that energize your brain and boost your focus. Consider that homework or work project done!  

All our blends have these benefits and more. 

That’s the pure power of produce, baby!