Sean and Christina Conlon with Nash from Nashies and Paws for Love

Living In Color with Sean & Christina Conlon

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“Before Ruvi, I pretty much didn’t eat vegetables at all. Ruvi makes it easy to get my daily dose.” - Sean Conlon


We had the privilege recently of getting to know Sean and Christina Conlon, two incredible people that truly Live In Color!
Sean, Christina, and their dog Nash have been on tour for the last year donating their time and talents to serving others as a part of Paws For Love, an organization that uses therapy dogs to help others who are experiencing mental/emotional hardships, including veterans, patients in hospitals, those with special needs, and children with autism.

But really, who can’t benefit from the unconditional love of "man's best friend"? Especially one as adorable as Sean and Christina's dog Nash, their star player. 

It's hard to say no to Nash. 

Sean and Christina have been living life on the road for the last year, touring across the country. We found the story of them and their dog Nash truly inspiring. We hope you will too.


Sean & Christina’s Story

When Christina’s dog Beau passed away in 2015, it was a challenging and difficult experience. Though she was heart-broken, she was inspired to connect with her community and make a difference for others. She shared stories of dogs across the world on her social media, desiring to inspire and bring color to others’ lives. She started the instagram community Daily Barker, and gathered more than a half a million followers in a matter of a few months.

While the site was building and the Instagram account was doing well, Christina and Sean knew that there was more for them to do.

Enter, Nash.

In 2018, Sean and Christina adopted a new, beautiful Golden Retriever named Nash. Nash became one of the centers of their lives. They truly fell in love with his personality and unabated selfless nature.

One of the struggles Sean & Christina faced was trying to purchase dog treats for Nash that weren’t filled with all sorts of stuff that was bad for dogs. They wanted something that was healthy, clean, and tasted good. They could only have the best for someone as special as Nash.

But they just couldn’t find a single dog treat that was satisfactory.

So, they decided to create one themselves.

For two years, they searched for the highest quality, U.S.-based human-grade protein sources. They wanted to create dog treats that were simply one or two ingredients - with no funny business. Eventually, they founded Nashies dog treats.

Nashies are single-ingredient freeze dried meat or cheese, formulated to perfection to taste great and be completely healthy for dogs (with no compromises). Now Nash and all his furry relatives across the planet could enjoy top of the line taste, with top of the line nutrition.

But you know what the best part is? Sean and Christina donate 100% of their profits from Nashies to Paws For Love, an organization for the training and placement of therapy dogs in schools, hospitals and crisis situations.

Sean and Christina are truly people who Live In Color! So while they were making a difference in the world, they knew they wanted to add an even greater explosion of color to the world - to do even more for people across the nation and the world. 


Life on the road


Sean, Christina, and Nash sitting in front of the PawsForLove Trailor

In May of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sean, Christina, and Nash decided they wanted to travel the country, bringing the joy of Paws For Love to everyone. 

After a great deal of preparation, selling nearly all of their possessions, and some help from a few generous sponsors, in August of 2020 Sean and Christina were able to purchase an RV and begin a tour across the U.S.

For more than a year now, they have been traveling to schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and more to bring the joy of Nash to everyone, and to raise awareness and support for therapy dogs.

Serving others in this way has truly brought amazing joy and color to Sean and Christina and all those around them. But this new life on the road doesn’t come without challenges. 


Challenges of life on the road

For Sean and Christina Conlon, living life on the road was a very new and intimidating prospect. When they felt called to promote Paws For Love across the country, they had never even set foot inside of an RV, let alone lived in one.

How would their typical daily routines go? What would they eat on a regular basis? What would it be like shifting all of their relationships to long-distance? What if they ran out of money? How did they even maintain an RV?

While they experienced their share of fear and doubt, they knew inside this was what they were supposed to do. 

Life on the road has become the new norm for Sean and Christina. They are never in the same place for more than a few weeks, they talk with family and friends on the phone and via virtual meetings, they have established new routines, and they make food work in a whole new way. 

One of the greatest challenges for Sean and Christina has been trying to get fresh, nutritious food in their diet, particularly fruits and vegetables. One thing has made it possible for them to still get what they need everyday.


The one constant in an inconsistent world


Sean Conlon shaking up Ruvi Focus


“It’s the one constant that we can count on in a very inconsistent world.” - Christina


Sean and Christina say the one thing that has made such a difference for them is Ruvi. They know that no matter what, they will always get 4 servings of fruits and veggies into their daily routine. All they need to do is pour, shake, and drink. And just like their own product, Nashies, Ruvi has no additives of any kind - it’s just freeze dried fruits & veggies. 

Sean and Christina also love that they can get such a large variety of fruits and veggies, even while they’re out on the road. Every blend of Ruvi has 8-10 different fruits and veggies, ensuring that they get their daily dose of a wide range of nutrients. 

When we asked what Ruvi means to them, here is what they had to say: 

“It’s the one constant that we can count on in a very inconsistent world.” - Christina

“Before Ruvi, I pretty much didn’t eat vegetables at all. Ruvi makes it easy to get my daily dose.” - Sean

But let's not forget about Nash. What did he have to say about Ruvi? 

"Woof, woof!" - Nash

That means he likes it. A lot. 

With such a fast-paced, unpredictable life, Ruvi makes all of the difference for Sean and Christina. It gives a simple solution to what would otherwise be a complex problem. As their nutrition is taken care of, it has increased their energy and capacity to bring more color to their own lives and the lives of those around them.


What fuels Sean & Christina’s passion?


Nash and other people with Paws for Love and Nashies

Sean and Christina have a very strong dedication to and relationship with God. They say that if it wasn’t for their faith in God and His hand in their lives, they wouldn’t have made it where they are now. 

Sean and Christina believe in living a life of color. Like a ripple effect, they radiate color, and that color extends out from them to all the people they meet every single day. Sean and Christina aim to live their lives in the service of others, adding vibrancy and inspiration to the world. 

And of course, you can't forget their absolutely amazing dog, Nash. Sean and Christina adore Nash. Without him, they would not be able to do what they do everyday. He is Sean and Christina's MVP!


Link up with Sean, Christina, & Nash


Nash the dog with Paws for Love smiling for the camera

Photo by @VictoriaHuntPhoto

The best place to link up with Sean & Christina is on their Instagram @pawsforlove.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can find or train a therapy dog, check out their Therapy Dog 101 series on their YouTube channel Paws For Love.

Also, if you’d like some treats for your dog that are healthy, delicious, and make no compromises, check out

Here at Ruvi, we believe that great nutrition is the key that unlocks the door to a life of vibrancy. When you make the choice to change your diet, you then have the capacity to make positive changes in every part of your life, leading to a life filled with color. Ruvi makes this journey easy by getting you 4 servings of 8-10 different fruits & veggies every day in 30 seconds or less - just pour, shake, drink.