Girl exercising doing sit ups in a gym with a personal trainer

How to Get Started Exercising Today

Alright, so exercising is super awesome and way good for our body and brain. So what? 

"If I can't even get my butt off the couch, then what good does knowing exercise is good for me do?"

Now you are asking the right questions. Thank you hypothetical person reading this article, your questions are on point. 

Check out the points below for motivation hacks to get started exercising. Maybe you’ll find something useful! 


Find what fits you

Exercise is different for everyone. What one person enjoys, another may not. It is important to find what fits you, helps you feel fulfilled, and is enjoyable. Here are some things that you might do to increase your love of exercise:

  • Do it outside
  • Do it with other people
  • Listen to music or an audiobook you like
  • Reward yourself with a healthy protein shake after the workout (we recommend using a plant-based or collagen protein mix)
  • It’s competitive
  • It’s hard enough

This is going to look different for everyone. Perhaps you value fun, perhaps you value challenge, or perhaps you need a little of both. Find your niche. Find what gets you up in the morning, or out after work, to get your fitness on! You need to make it fulfilling for you personally. 


Make a plan

Setting personal goals for what you are going to do for your exercise can be extremely helpful. Especially when starting out, having a plan can be absolutely crucial. This will help you to have some more accountability and expectations for what exercise is going to look like. Without any expectation or accountability, it can be hard to follow through.

Also understand that it is okay if you do not reach your goals or follow your plan at first. You may need to adjust over time to know what is reasonable. Just start testing things out and see how it goes. It’s not like once you make a plan you’re locked in - explore, learn, grow.

Also, allow for exception on occasion when needed; sometimes things come up in life and fitness can fall by the wayside. That’s alright, just pick it back up again the next day. 


Be reasonable

It is extremely important when you exercise to be reasonable in your expectations of where you are at. Don’t write a plan to run 3 miles 5 times a week if you haven’t ever ran before. Remember, every great athlete (or everyday fitness-lover) started somewhere. Love yourself and give yourself time!

If you’re a beginner, try making a goal to exercise 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Then, you can increase slowly over time. Small steps add up to big ones. If you start small, and increase slowly over time, in time you’ll see that you are doing more than you ever thought possible.


Get an accountability buddy

Some people are super self-motivated. They’re the types of people who wake up at 5:00 am, 5 days a week. They hit the gym for an hour, eat a 5-star nutritional breakfast, and finish up the morning with an hour long meditation. If this is you, stop reading. If it isn’t you, then congratulations, you’re a human! (not an alien).

When you’re a human, it can be super helpful to find a workout buddy - someone to go on hikes with, run with, etc. This is helpful in part because your workout buddy will expect you to be there for the workout. This is good motivation to begin with. If you workout with them for long enough, you may even find that you simply can’t go without. 


"Gamify it"

Make exercise a competition with family members or friends, or use rewards when you hit certain goals. The type of reward or competition depends on you.

Perhaps there is some kind of gadget or product you’ve just been dying to have, but you can’t justify buying it?. Maybe there’s a trip you want to go on? On the other hand, maybe you just really want that stuffed-crust meat-lovers pizza all to yourself this weekend. While that reward may be a bit counter to your goals, it can be a solid place to start!

Your health is an investment. Invest in yourself by doing what it takes to motivate you to get out there.


Use diet to motivate exercise

Exercising can motivate you to eat healthier, but it can also work the other way around.

What you eat has everything to do with your motivation and energy to exercise. For instance, when you’re pounding cake and donuts in the evening, you don’t really feel like waking up the next morning to go on a trail run. It’s just not natural!

On the other hand, if you’re eating like a rock star, pounding the veggies and health foods, then you feel more vibrant, energized, and you experience more color in your life. Then, you’re good to go! Doing something as simple as eating 2-3 servings of veggies in the evenings can help boost your energy and motivation to get up the next morning.

But this isn’t the only reason diet helps motivate you to exercise. It’s also that you are doing things to improve your health, and seeing the results, so this motivates you to do more to improve your health. It is a really wonderful cycle.

So, if you are having a hard time exercising, then start pounding those veggies! Chomp on celery, double-fist some broccoli, grind down a carrot. Soon, you’ll be running ten miles every day!...or, you know, something like that. 


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