Is Fast Food Disrupting Your Hormones?

Is Fast Food Disrupting Your Hormones?

“My unhealthy food cravings disappeared, and I found I ate better throughout the day knowing that I had started so well with getting 4 servings of F&V first thing.  I am on track with my pregnancy weight gain for the first time.” - Jenna Basso, Ruvi Customer

What unexpected ingredient in fast food could be leading to hormone disruption and other negative side effects? Here's a hint: It has to do with plastic. 

There are over 85,000 toxic chemicals identified by the EPA in use today. One strain of those chemicals are phthalates, a commonly used toxic chemical that is mixed in plastics, cosmetics, personal care products, pvc piping, and children’s toys. 

According to CNN Health:

“Prior research has connected phthalates with reproductive problems, such as genital malformations and undescended testes in baby boys and lower sperm counts and testosterone levels in adult males. Previous studies have also linked phthalates to childhood obesity, asthma, cardiovascular issues and cancer.

Phthalates are known to be hormone disruptors, potentially leading to weight gain/loss, mood issues, anxiety, depression, and other issues. Studies have also tied them to immune problems, fertility issues, and malfunction of genetic expression. 

In 2005, the EU banned the use of 6 different phthalates in children’s toys and other children’s products, as they were deemed unsafe for children. 

Why hasn’t the U.S. done this? Good question. 

As if all that wasn’t crazy enough, phthalates can also be found in our food - especially fast food


“Hey Mom, My Burger’s Made Out of Plastic!”

One surprising place you will find phthalates is in fast food. While there are many potential causes of this that we may or may not know, there are a few very simple ones that we do know. 

One is the fact that many workers handling fast food use rubber gloves that contain phthalates. In addition, the packaging that fast food is stored in often contains plastic (which includes phthalates)


Why Use Phthalates in Anything? 

If phthalates are such a problem, why not just stop putting them in plastic and other products? That’s a great question! It’s because phthalates are the chemical compounds that give plastic that bendy, dextrous quality. They ensure that plastic is durable and won’t easily break. 

In addition, phthalates are put in cosmetics and personal care products because they cause fragrances to last longer. 


Where are Phthalates Found? 

Phthalates are found in plastic containers, packaging and disposable bottles, cosmetics and personal care products, pvc piping, children’s toys, and gum (the rubber in gum is plastic-derived).

Phthalates are also found in many fish. This is because we have been polluting the ocean with our plastic garbage, leading to the poisoning of our oceans and marine life. Then, we eat those fish and we become poisoned as well. 

Isn’t that pleasant?, it’s not. 

It is very sad that we have been doing this to our planet, and we should be better. But 

But guess what? There’s the bright side: we can change it! Through small simple acts we can bring more color to our lives and the world.  

Let’s talk about what actions you can take to decrease both your use of and exposure to phthalates.


What Can You Do About It? 

Here are a few things you can start doing to decrease your use of and exposure to phthalates.


Reusable grocery bags

These are very cheap to buy online. Plus, there are some really cool (or cute, depending on your preference) ones available! 

Simply toss the bags in your trunk and bust them out when it comes time to go to the store, farmer’s market, etc.

Switch to a Reusable Water Bottle

There are awesome stainless steel or glass water bottles out there that you can easily carry around with you and use on a daily basis. Plus, you’ll likely drink a whole lot more water which is very healthy for you!

Opt for glass food storage containers

Yes, plastic is cheap and convenient. But it’s also toxic. Buy some glass food storage containers, such as Pyrex which have convenient snap lids with a nice seal. 

Glass containers work great! And they don’t contaminate your food with BPA’s, Phthalates, ethylene dichloride, or other chemicals with crazy names.

Use Phthalate-free Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Go for products that are more on the natural side and free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, and SLES. One natural soap that works great is Dr. Bronner’s. 

Using natural products without harsh chemicals is far better for your hormones, skin health, and overall physical and mental well-being. They’re typically more expensive, but isn’t your health worth it?

Eat More Plants!

As fish and meat tend to be contaminated with phthalates and many other chemicals these days, it is a great idea to eat more plants! Feed for animals tends to be filled with chemicals. They eat that chemical laden feed, and then we eat their meat or drink their milk which in turn fills us with those same toxins. 

Replacing animal products with whole fruits, veggies, and other plants can be a great way of getting less exposure to environmental toxins like phthalates, pesticides, DDT, and more. While fruits and veggies aren’t free of these things, they may contain less in comparison. At Ruvi, we scan our whole, freeze dried fruits and veggies for pesticides/herbicides and bacteria, ensuring that they are well within safe levels.

Cook More At-home Meals

It is awesome to eat home-cooked meals! If you choose whole food recipes, you may be exposed to less toxins and phthalates than with processed foods. This is beneficial for your overall health and happiness! 

If this feels overwhelming, try making a goal to do a home-cooked meal just one extra night per week than you are right now. Do that for 3 or 4 weeks, and then stack one more meal per week on top. After a few months, you’ll be an at-home cooking machine!


As Easy as Fast Food, Without All the Chemicals

We provide people with a product that gets them 4 servings of a blend of 8-10 different fruits and vegetables every single day. It’s the easy way to get whole fruits and veggies in your diet, and it takes only 30 seconds or less. Best part is, we don’t add anything in or take anything out, it’s just freeze dried whole fruits and veggies in powdered form. You pour it in a shaker bottle, shake it up, and drink it. Then BAM! You’re experiencing 100% natural, sustained energy the way mother-nature intended.

Check out the experience of our customer, Jenna: 

“My digestive system is much, much happier (even those pregnancy hormones that slow everything down are no match for all that natural fiber!).  My skin is way better - almost no more eczema or hormonal acne flare-ups.  I felt more energy, and didn't need to nap nearly as much.  My unhealthy food cravings disappeared, and I found I ate better throughout the day knowing that I had started so well with getting 4 servings of F&V first thing.  I am on track with my pregnancy weight gain for the first time (both of my previous pregnancies I got a little carried away and gained more weight than I should have!!).  All this has even inspired my husband to eat healthier (and start drinking RUVI!).”

Ruvi is the very best that whole fruits and vegetables have to offer. Snag a pack and experience the lasting energy and focus that only whole fruits and veggies can give.