Ruvi Receives 2023 Utah Business Innovation Award

Ruvi Receives 2023 Utah Business Innovation Award


When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there has been little innovation since produce started landing on grocery store shelves in the 1930's. That is until Ruvi came along. We are pleased to announce that Ruvi has won the Utah Business Innovation Award for 2023.

Every year the Utah Business Innovation Awards celebrates the innovative spirit found within so many Utah companies, and the talented people working to solve complex local and world problems with high impact solutions. Nominees are evaluated by leaders in Utah’s business and academic communities, who vote to select the finalists and award winners. The result is an incredible group of awe-inspiring innovators with innovations that impact a broad spectrum of markets and industries. 

This year Ruvi was nominated and selected as a winner in the category of Consumer Products & Services for our freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders that deliver 1/2 your daily servings of fruits and veggies in a tasty, easy-to-make smoothie.


Ruvi Wins Utah Business 2023 Innovation Award


When co-founders Amber Benson & Jason Budge where toying around with the idea to create Ruvi, they quickly came to the realization that if there was one thing in this world they could do to help everyone live a more vibrant & healthy life, it would be to create a way to help more people get more fruits & veggies into thier diets every single day. 

For generations, the way we have been consuming fruits & vegges hasn't changed. And as a result, 9/10 people have not been eating enough fruits & veggies, and because of that people's health & wellness (and that of their family's) has been suffering.

We get it, it's hard. They are hard to shop for, they take time to prepare, they aren't fun to clean up, they go bad quickly, you can't travel with them, they aren't always in season, they can be expensive, and sometimes they just don't taste good. These some of the many reasons people have not been eating thier daily recommend servings of fruits and vegetables like we all should. 

We all know we should eat more, but we don't. Our grandparents, thier parents before that, our parents, our teachers, doctors, and more have been telling us for decades that we all need to eat more fruits & veggies. Yet, it's 2023 and we're still not consuming the variety & volume of them like our bodies need. Well, Jason & Amber said enough is enough, and decided it was time for someone take a stand and create a solution to help solve this problem. 


"The big produce companies like Dole and Chiquita have done little to help people consume more fruits and vegetables besides juicing, adding sugar syrups or heavily processing the produce. The freeze-drying technology behind Ruvi will bring to millions the pure nutrition and taste of fruits and vegetables without additives." - Amber Benson


Through the technology of freeze drying, Ruvi provides the simplest way to consume a wide variety 8-10 fruits and veggies with delicious powder packets that can be made into a smoothie in seconds, or added to recipes you are already whipping up in the kitchen. And unlike traditional big box produce, Ruvi is picked at peak ripeness so that when it's freeze dried it provides the most nutritionally dense and flavorful produce on the market. Additionally, Ruvi's freeze dried powders don't go bad over time like traditional produce - meaning not more of your hard earned money wasted on moldy berries or wilted spinach that ends up in the garbage.


"I have been enjoying Ruvi daily for several months now, & have noticed a definite improvement in my skin, sleeping, digestive system & a reduced craving of sweets." - Lorren Scott


Doctors recommend not only that 1/2 your plate at every meal be full of fruits & veggies, but that everyone eat 30 different plants every week for optimal health. Across Ruvi's 4 unique freeze dried powder blends you get 26 different fruits & veggies! Never has it been so easy to get more fruits & veggies into your diet.

So say goodbye to all the excuses that have been holding you back from getting in your fruits & veggies every day, and start experiencing the incredible health benefits your body needs with Ruvi.  

Read more about this award, and other award winners in other categories in Utah Business Magazine. 

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