3 Tips To Help Picky Kids Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

3 Tips To Help Picky Kids Eat More Fruits & Vegetables


Getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be your toughest challenge of the day. There are so many enticing processed foods that grab the attention and the appetite of our children. Fruits and veggies just aren’t their priority.

So how do we help our kids get more of these nutrient-packed fruits and veggies into their diet? Here are 3 suggestions with a proven track record. You’ve got this!

Let Them Play Master Chef

Kids like to be in control and they like to be creative. Let your kids in on the prep. Obviously steer clear of sharp tools for the young-uns but there are other things they can do.

  • Wash the fruits and veggies using a strainer
  • Arrange fruits & veggies in fun patterns on their plate
  • Scoop or squeeze a dip or yogurt onto their plate

Getting kids involved helps them feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement in eating the food they prepare.

Add It To Their Plate

Research finds that kids who have more fruits and vegetables on their plate, eat more of them. Specifically, substituting high-calorie foods on children’s plates with fruits and vegetables resulted in a 41 percent increase in vegetable consumption and 38 percent increase in fruit consumption. 

Sneak It In

Ideally kids choose to eat fruits and vegetables but if you are losing the battle after trying different methods, you can sneak fruits and veggies into food they already eat and love. One easy way to do this is using Ruvi. Ruvi is freeze dried fruit and veggie powders with 8-10 fruits and veggies. They are great to drink as a smoothie with water, juice or milk, but also easy to sneak into other foods. Here are some of our favorite ways.

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Although it can be a challenge to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. You can do it! There are other resources to help guide your efforts. Check out EatRight.org for more ways you can help your kids get these nutritional powerhouses into their diet.