Mixing Ruvi Without A Shaker Bottle

Mixing Ruvi Without A Shaker Bottle


Drinking a Ruvi smoothie is one of the easiest ways to get your daily servings of fruits and veggies. You don’t need a cutting board, blender, freezer or loads of ingredients. All you need is a shaker bottle and cold water; and of course some Ruvi! Just dump the freeze dried fruit and veggie powder from the Ruvi packet into the shaker bottle with cold water, shake for 15-30 seconds and you’ve got a delicious fruit and veggie smoothie!

But what if you don’t have a shaker bottle. Can you still drink Ruvi? Absolutely! We’ve put together a few ways to use Ruvi if you don’t have access to a shaker bottle so that you can enjoy your favorite super smoothie anytime, anywhere. 


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Use An Insulated Or Reusable Water Bottle

Many people have a reusable water bottle like a ThermoFlask or Stanley. You can mix Ruvi in a bottle like this. It’s best if the bottle has a screw top lid so you can really give it a good shake without product leaking out of a straw hole. 

Be sure to carefully estimate the right amount of water for your Ruvi (only 6-8 ounces if you like it thick!) After adding the water, dump in the Ruvi powder, close the bottle, and give it a good shake. 

*Pro Tip #1: massage the powder in the pouch before you dump it in to break up any clumps. 

*Pro Tip #2: Shake for 30 seconds and check if all the powder is mixed in. If not, shake for another 30 seconds. 

*Pro Tip #3: Add a few ice cubes to help it shake it up even more. This is a good way to get it extra cold too, especially if you don't have access to cold water.


Use A Regular Plastic Water Bottle 

You can use a regular plastic water bottle to make Ruvi. Drink or empty enough water so that you have 6-9 ounces remaining, depending on how thick or thin you like it. The trickiest part about using a regular water bottle to make Ruvi, is getting all the powder through the small opening. Massage the Ruvi pouch to break up the clumps and carefully pour the powder into the small opening. Secure the lid and give it a good shake for 30+ seconds. 

Read the Pro Tips above for extra help!


Use A Large Glass

No water bottles on hand? No problem! With a little extra time, you can make Ruvi in a glass. Add 6-9 ounces of cold water to a glass. Massage a Ruvi pouch then add it to the water. Using a small whisk or fork, stir around the powder, breaking up clumps along the side of the glass. 

*Pro Tip: Use a tall glass so you have extra room to mix the product without spilling out and over the edges. 

Although using a shaker bottle to make Ruvi is the quickest and easiest way, you can still get your daily fruits and vegetables with things you are sure to have on hand. Don’t limit using Ruvi only at home. With a water bottle or glass you can take Ruvi to work, on road trips, traveling, to the gym, hiking, you name it!

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