How To Make A Meal Replacement Shake With Ruvi

How To Make A Meal Replacement Shake With Ruvi


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You may have discovered by now that the easiest way to get in your fruits & veggies every day is with Ruvi, but for those who are new to Ruvi check out more in our Why Ruvi page. 

Well, now we're helping you take your nutrition efficiency to the next level! With this simple addition to your Ruvi smoothie you can now make a more substantial snack or mini-meal in 1 minute or less. This Ruvi-licious hack is a game changer for your busy life on-the-go and a great way to mix up your regular Ruvi routine.

Next time you need a quick meal, try adding a little protein powder to your Ruvi Smoothie! This simple hack gives you all the fruits & veggies PLUS protein to power your day and fill you up for longer, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy this quick and easy meal at home, at the office, or while you travel.



STEP 1: Add 10-12 oz of cold water to your shaker bottle. Keep in mind that you can always add more water if you want to make it any thinner.

STEP 2: Pour in 1 packet of Ruvi

STEP 3: Add 1 scoop (depending on the brand) of protein powder. Keep in mind that if you want to sweeten things up a little more you can always add a little a bit of stevia, juice, etc.  

STEP 4: Shake until fully mixed

STEP 5: Drink and enjoy!


Try Some Of Our Favorite Protein Powders


Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder

Clean Simple Eats

Clean Simple Eats offers a nice lineup of clean and tasty protein powders. They are some of the best-tasting, highest quality products on the market, and we believe they did just that when it comes to protein powders! Each small-batch flavor combo is unique, crave-worthy, and will leave you asking for more!

We recommend trying their Coconut Cream protein powder and mixing it with Ruvi Clean or Ruvi Active!



Just Ingredients Protein Powder

 Just Ingredients

Just Ingredients was started by Karalynne Call. She is a Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and a mom of six with a passion for better health and wellness within the home. Karalynne believes that nature provides the necessary nutrition in order for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy - and that's exactly what she delivers with all of the Just Ingredients products.

We recommend trying the Chocolate & Coconut Chocolate protein powders and mixing it with Ruvi Boost or Clean!



TRUVANI Organic Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder


The number one priority at Truvani is ingredients. They believe in offering real food, and deliver on that with a tasty plant based protein powder. Everything they make is free of risky chemicals and cheap additives. And like Ruvi, their protein powder has no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial sweeteners.

We recommend the Organic Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder with Ruvi Focus or Ruvi Boost.




Ruvi with Protein Powder


Watch us mix one up in this video

These protein powder recommendations are just a taste of the endless possibilities that are out there to take your Ruvi smoothie to the next level and transform it into a more substantial snack or meal replacement shake.

So, give our recommendations a try and let us know what other ways you have experimented with your Ruvi. Tag us @getruvi in your posts to share how you love to get your Ruvi on!


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