The Facts About Food Waste Are Shocking!

The Facts About Food Waste Are Shocking!


Let’s Talk About Food Waste

We all are aware that people waste a LOT of food, especially produce. From farms, to grocery stores, to restaurants and pantries, enormous amounts of food are being carelessly thrown away. This waste has major implications on the economy, climate change, and human hunger. 

Most people would agree that this is a huge problem that needs to be solved, but how much do we actually know about the causes, and who is out there changing the game?


Excessive Food Waste Is Damaging Our Planet And The Future Of Our Wellbeeing


Let's Get The Facts Straight!

Did you know...

  • One third of all food produced is wasted

  • Food waste takes up more space in landfills than anything else

  • 219 pounds of food is wasted per person in the U.S. every year mainly due to food spoilage

  • Of the estimated 1.3 billion tons of food that goes to waste in the world every year, much of it is perfectly edible and nutritious

  • An average American family of four throws away $1600 a year in produce

  • 820 million people are starving around the world due to lack of food

  • We saved $33.37 on a week of produce with Ruvi vs Kroger

There are many reasons why these problems persist, but let's start at the beginning. The first stage of food waste happens at the farm where farmers throw out much of their crop due to things like crop damage, spoilage due to high labor and transportation prices, and market conditions. Energy required to refrigerate produce during transportation accounts for a lot of fossil fuels being burned at the second stage of waste. The third stage is those who sell the food like grocery stores and restaurants. Because produce has a short shelf life a huge amount of food goes bad before it is bought/used. Along with that, food cosmetics account for a great deal of waste because people won’t buy food that is “ugly”or deformed in any way. The last stage is food wasted through consumers by uneaten food, spoiled produce, and just throwing away food.

Most of that waste is dumped straight into a landfill which according to the EPA is estimated to embody 170 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year in the US. In other words, food waste is just one more thing fueling climate change. 


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How Ruvi Is Making A Difference

While there are many things that are perpetuating food waste, there are also many initiatives from people and companies who are combating the issue. Things like zero waste policies and innovative technology are helping the cause. As a consumer, you can buy products that are sustainable and have waste elimination in mind. Ruvi is a sustainability minded product that reduces food waste. Freeze drying allows our produce to be picked straight from the tree or vine, frozen within hours and then freeze dried -- thus eliminating rotting food waste down the supply chain. Because Ruvi is a powder, we can use all that “ugly” produce that typically gets thrown away. Last, Ruvi has a long shelf life allowing it to stay in your cupboard longer without being wasted and thrown away. 


Ruvi contains 8-10 fruits and veggies that don't go bad, and last for years.


What Will You Be Doing By Buying Ruvi? 

If you find yourself throwing away wilted or rotten produce, stop buying as much produce that will just go bad. Instead use some of that money that you spend on groceries on Ruvi. One Ruvi a day will give you half of your daily servings of fruits and veggies. So buy fewer bananas or strawberries that are on the verge of going bad. Look for a smaller head of broccoli and skip the bag of lettuce that will only last a couple of days.

You can consume Ruvi on your terms, not based on a timeline of traditional fresh produce. Test it out! See if you are throwing away fewer food items that you just didn't have time to get to!

Want to learn more about food waste? Check out this article about your food footprint.

With Ruvi, you can be confident that you are reducing waste and creating a more sustainable world one drink at a time!

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