Self Love Habits For Healing and Joy

Self Love Habits For Healing and Joy


"What is the most important thing I can do for myself today?" A great question to start your day with. Self-care and self-love are essential for finding joy and well-being in your life. If your health and your ability to handle life falls apart, you are no good in the home, in your job and in your relationships.

Learn from Ruvi Co-founders some of their daily self-love habits and what those actions do to help them live fulfilling lives.

Amber's self care tips

1. Daily meditation/prayer. I take time every morning to meditate and pray. I start most mornings with a 5-10 minute mindfulness meditation, and every morning with pondering and prayer. This clears my mind and fills me with inspiration for the day!

2. For me, food is medicine. I find that if I limit sugar and fill my diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, protein, and my favorite dark chocolate, that I feel more energy, vibrancy, mental clarity. (Of course, check out my go-to Ruvi for the easiest fruits & veggies on the planet!)

3. Time outside. Although it's tough to find time in my busy schedule to get outside, I find that when I do, my stress melts away. I love to be in the mountains skiing with my family, hiking, or even a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Nature feeds my soul.

Jason's self-care tips

1. Walk-a-thon. Some people whistle while they work...I walk. 5-10 miles a day on my work treadmill. It keeps my mind fresh and helps me avoid the afternoon drowsies. Motion is lotion.    
2. Hug a kid. No day is too hard that a hug from one of my kids can't make it better.  I love to wind down the day with some "dad time" as they call it, playing basketball, building things (a bunk bed slide was this week's dad time), and bedtime snuggles--it's the best salve for a weary soul.     

3. Involve God. I invite God into my day through prayer and study, there's always too much to do on my own.  


We suggest making a list of 3-5 self-care activities you'd like to work into your day and week. Make a plan for adding those things. If you just say, "I'd like to do some meditating," but you don't make a game plan for that, your likely won't be successful. Here are a few resources that can help. You've got this!

Calm app

Life Span treadmill desk

Ruvi fruit & veggie smoothies

Ritual chocolate

Strava tracking app