Man smiling in the rain with his arms out at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021

Ruvi x Cirque Series Snowbird 2021

Photo by Keith Fearnow


What an epic experience we had at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021 this year. There was a lot of hype surrounding this event. The experience certainly outdid the hype in every sense.
Cirque Series founder, Julian Carr, puts on an excellent event, building an environment with some of the most powerful comradery and companionship we've ever seen. People from around the world come to enjoy Cirque's competition, passion, and of course the après.
Many had trained for months, or years, to compete in Cirque Series. These all-star athletes trudged up 3,566 feet and 8.7 miles of gnarly terrain, huffing and puffing, all while wearing a smile on their faces and enjoying the moment - at least most of the time ;)
But the all-star athletes weren't the only ones "pushing peaks" the morning of August 21st, there were people from all walks of life. From the all-star, to the everyday kind of hiker, people came to put their physical abilities to the test, while becoming one with nature and basking in the sunlight.

That is...until it began to rain. 

Around 10:00 am or so, around the time that many people were highest up on the mountain peaks, it began to rain...hard. Raindrops the size of boulders came down from the heavens.
Or at least, really tiny boulders.
Not only did the rain come down hard, but it was cold too. People experienced severe physical exertion while freezing their backsides off! Many slipped, slid, toppled, and experienced a "oneness" with nature that they hadn't quite anticipated.
While they experienced some discomfort, we were inspired to see the reactions of many to these conditions. Many runners could be seen helping each other up steep passages and cheering each other on. The level of encouragement was top notch! One especially awesome shot captured by our friend Kieth Fearnow shows two Cirque racers holding hands as they work their way up the mountain. Love the connection and companionship!


Two women holding hands hiking up a mountain in the rain at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021
Photo by Keith Fearnow


During the late morning, mud began to build up more and more from the downpour and many slipped, bruising and cutting their bodies on the rocks. But they just kept moving. Despite the elements, they said "we are not giving up!"
There's certainly something to be said for the adrenaline and endorphins that were flowing through these trail runners at this point. But you want to know the number one thing that kept these runners going though? Their attitudes. These people truly personified what it means to Live In Color that day. Through the rain, hail, and blustering winds, many cheered, smiled, and said "rock on", as they braved the mountain.


Woman holding up a rock on sign while hiking in the rain at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021
Photo by Keith Fearnow


People of every age and walk of life could be seen pressing on and making it happen. We were inspired by a 14-year-old boy who finished in the top 20 racers. This kid had some serious spunk and tenacity.
More like a 14-year-old MAN if you ask us.


14-year-old boy in tank top running along a trail in the mountains at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021
Photo by Keith Fearnow


One of our very own, Bonnie Williams with Human Resources, braved Snowbird's Mt. Baldy at 11,000 ft. She was a total champ, crushing her goals and finishing the race.
Bonnie is extremely consistent in pursuing her health and fitness goals. She truly lives in color each day as she explores her passion and hones her skills, conquering races and loving nature.
At work, Bonnie can be seen uplifting and bringing joy to others. She is always willing to help or spend a little extra time getting to know someone. She is a joy to have in the office and a great friend to those around her.
Look at her, soaking wet in the freezing rain climbing a 2566 ft vert, smiling the whole way!


Bonnie Williams smiling while hiking up the mountain at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021
Photo by Keith Fearnow


We loved to see the smiling faces and amazing attitudes of the many who raced Cirque Series Snowbird. Through hail, rain, rocks, and mud, these conquerors experienced the satisfaction of meeting a challenge head on.
Considering the conditions, many could have complained or given up. But that's not what we saw. So many supported each other, uplifted each other, and sallied forward.
Many literally bled up on that mountain. And they even did that with a smile!
All of these individuals truly represent what it means to Live In Color.


Man with a blue bandana smiling with blood on his face at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021
Photo by Keith Fearnow


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The Ruvi Team smiling at the camera as a vendor at the Cirque Series Snowbird 2021 event