RUVI Fruit & Veggie Drinks At Showfields Retail Store

RUVI Fruit & Veggie Drinks At Showfields Retail Store


Was it love at first sight or a long courtship?

Read on to find out!


In November 2022, when we were planning out our goals and objectives for 2023, we knew launching Ruvi in our first retail stores would be a big priority. Getting Ruvi to a store near you is a big climb but we also know it's so important to be getting more people the power of fruits & vegetables.

So when the Showfields organizers reached out to us, we knew it was a call we wouldn't want to miss. Showfields is an experience-first retail store with locations in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Miami. Let's talk about cream of the crop locations! These are specifically chosen because shoppers in these cities, and especially the shopping districts where the Showfields stores reside, are cutting edge, looking for the latest invention, cause driven, intrigued with women-owned brands and willing to support young brands with big ambition and big heart.

The Showfields customer was a huge draw for us at Ruvi and we saw an immediate fit with the two brands. Not only is Ruvi female co-founded and female formulated, Ruvi has at its core the ambition to improve people's health around the world with the power of fruits & vegetables. We want to change the statistic that 9 out of 10 people don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. This mission drives the work we do.

If you've never been to a Showfields store, it only takes a few seconds on their Instagram @showfields to realize that they value experience and community. Many of their brand curations are hands on. You get to interact with the products in a way that's unheard of in a traditional retail store. Showfields has events with the community where brands can interact with customers and help them test out the product.

These events and experiences provide invaluable learnings for Ruvi--real world feedback from people interacting with our product inside a store! Walk into the Showfields store in Miami and you can sample Ruvi any time of the day, any day of the week. Now that's impressive.


Ruvi healthy fruit and veggie smoothie drinks at Showfields retail store in Miami Florida


Since this is our first foray into the world of retail, we decided to only pick one location to test Ruvi in. And while we LOVE all these Showfield cities, we had to go with Miami. It's a city of color, culture, good food, and vibrancy. And not to forget, Miami has been ranked the healthiest city in America for several years. All of these characteristics lead us quickly to choose Miami as our testing ground.

If you are in the Miami area, go check it out. It's seriously one of the coolest store's you'll visit. Stay tuned throughout the year to see how our Ruvi x Showfields activation is going.

And while you wait, don't forget to check out our Miami-inspired playlist on Spotify. Get dancing with this playlist today!


Ruvi fruits and veggie smoothie drinks

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