See What Ruvi can do for you

Through the eyes of 4 Spring Ruvi Challenge 2022 Winners


Have you ever wondered what drinking a Ruvi a day can do for you? Well for one thing, it inspires you to improve many areas of your life, like your eating and exercise habits. We love the success stories of our Ruvi Challenge participants who for 30 days, drank a Ruvi a day, removed one bad health habit, and exercised for 30 minutes each day.

After 30 incredible days we had to choose just four grand prize winners out of this hardworking group. Check out their journeys to even better health! We know the life changing transformation that takes place when you get a wide variety of whole fruits & veggies each day - and these stories showcase that in a variety of ways.


Barbara Petrunia

Random Winner


"Since Ruvi first launched their fruit and vegetable drink, I was totally grateful for the time and effort given to create this energizing and nutritional boost to my diet! I am a busy single mom working full time and part time in evenings as well as being a student. My demand for a nutritious diet with limited time is real. I have a full committed schedule even with being intentional about keeping my time to first things first. I have consistently used Ruvi as my breakfast (the most important meal!) and I feel a different energy to my day. I have more energy, a better immune system, more regular digestion, a clearer mind to focus and an overall satisfying sense that I am doing good things for my personal health. I'm thankful to Ruvi that I can open one of my four Ruvi options each day and benefit from this delicious and fast opportunity of health each day! Thank you Ruvi for increased health to reach my life goals now and the ones ahead on my bucket list!! I am so grateful to Ruvi for planning these challenges and for creating Ruvi! A real boost in my health goals in life! BRAVO on this game changer!" 


Vanessa Ronspies

Judge's Choice Winner & First Time Ruvi Challenge Participant


"When I first saw the opportunity to join the challenge, I thought, “Ok, this could be fun and you’ve wanted to try these smoothies for a while now. Plus, they are portable and you missed your morning smoothie last time you visited your mom (and you’re going again for a longer trip this time). So, why not?” I had no idea the impact this would have on my life. It was going to be a rough month anyway and Ruvi gave me something to look forward to every day because I loved them.

At first, I was hesitant to stray from a traditional smoothie with frozen whole fruit. For the first couple of days, I just added it to my normal smoothie at 5 am. Then I tried adding the packets to different liquids. The Clean in pineapple juice is my favorite! By the end of the month, I was making Ruvi roll ups and truffles!

Now for the original reason I decided to join the challenge. I was going to stay with my mom for a week to help her recover from surgery. It’s never easy when someone you love has to go through that. It was great to have a little packet of sweetness in my purse as my “me moment” everyday. I knew my mom was super worried about weight gain after her operation. She had been tasting my Ruvi everyday and loved them. She ended up getting a whole set of Ruvi at the Be Healthy Utah event. It was great to see her so excited! I got her a purple BlendJet so she can have it in her purse with her Ruvi. It was great to be able to help her with something she was so worried about.

As a result of being on a more healthy path with Ruvi, I now grow my own sprouts to eat and have 3 jars of fermented veggies going in my kitchen! I am excited to try them all and add them to my healthy diet! As for activity, I have always been an active person but I’m so much more motivated to walk with my pups everyday now. Thank you Ruvi for an amazing challenge and for making a rough month a bit easier for me! And thank you most of all for helping my mom."


Ally Tippetts

Random Winner & First Time Ruvi Challenge Participant


"I have loved this! Being that I'm pregnant, I did gain 20 pounds of baby weight, but I feel very healthy and like my skin is doing better. I’ve had energy for work and exercising and have been sleeping better! Honestly, I love how all of the Ruvi blends taste and I am very picky with what I put in my body especially while pregnant. Super excited to be able to provide my baby with more fruits and veggies!!

I did also get my husband into eating healthier and drinking some Ruvi with me! We’ve been exercising together and have enjoyed this last month of being healthier!"


Cynthia Fabrizio

Judge's Choice Winner & First Time Ruvi Challenge Participant


"This was the first time I have ever done anything like this and it came at a time when I really needed it. I have been overweight and on the verge of going from pre-diabetes to diabetes. I've never been very active and this challenge was exactly what I needed. It was a huge motivator. I faithfully drank my Ruvi everyday and worked out 30 minutes everyday. I was determined to get healthier. I actually had a doctor's appointment at the end of this challenge. My cholesterol was the best it has ever been. My sugar level was lowered and I even lost 7 pounds. I've never felt better or healthier. This challenge has been the best thing to ever happen to me. It got me drinking a Ruvi everyday and it got me up and exercising which I will continue doing. Thank you so very much!"