How to Navigate the Busy Mayhem of May

How to Navigate the Busy Mayhem of May

End of school, spring sports, summer travel planning – do you feel a little stretched thin this time of year?

Spring brings warmer temperatures, longer days, greener grass and a smile on many faces. But this time of year also brings many stresses. Check out some of our spring-time hacks to help you keep your sanity so you can enjoy one of the prettiest times of year!


End-of-School Stresses

Between field trips, field days, finals, and last minute projects, it’s difficult to survive the last few weeks of your kids’ school year. Here are a few tips to consider to ease your kids’ stress and yours!

  1. Get enough sleep. And make sure your kids do too. With the lighter nights, we tend to push bed-time later. When your kids are tired (and when you are), everyone’s stress is higher.
  2. Night-time planning. Do a quick review of your schedule and your kids schedules in the evening before everyone goes to bed. Plug anything important into your calendar. You’ll sleep much better knowing you’ve reviewed the important events of the next day. Need a new planner? Check out these gems here
  3. Stock up on healthy snacks your kids can grab on their own. Ruvi helps fuel your kids with the fruits and vegetables they lack in their diets. Plus they’re super easy to make and taste amazing without any added sugars, sweeteners, or other additives.


Spring Sports Mayhem

Do you feel like you live in the car between 3:30 and 9pm? Spring sports keep us running from field to field to cheer on our budding superstars. Stay on top of things with these hacks.

  1. Prep on the weekend for easy 30-minute dinners you can whip up in between work, homework, and ballgames. Every morning do a quick review of what you will make that night. You can even set some ingredients out on the counter to speed your evening meal prep.
  2. Set out uniforms and gear the night before. That last-second missing soccer sock can leave your kid in tears and you in a rage. Plan ahead and gather all those things the night before.
  3. Fuel your kids on the way to the ball park with quick easy snacks. Ruvi helps them hydrate and get their fruits and veggies. Protein bars, like Good To Go, will give them a boost of protein and healthy fat to keep their energy up for their practice or game.
  4. Keep lawn chairs, umbrellas, blankets, and snacks in your car so you’re always prepared for whatever the day may bring.


Vacation Planning Time-Drain

We get it. Kids get out of school and they’re roaring for a family adventure. But do the stresses of planning a 5-star, YouTube-worthy vacation stress you out? Make it easier with these tips.

  1. Look local. If you can pile everyone in the car for a 3-7 hour drive, it’s much easier than planning and buying flights, hauling the kids through the airport, and arranging rental cars. Most states have a great travel website that can help you find exciting places you’ve not yet visited. For example, our home state, Utah, has a great website that is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs.
  2. Get your kids involved. Have each kid make a list of their top 3 things they’d like to do or visit for your desired location. They can do a little research for you to help you understand your options (my daughter recently found a tour group that we used on our family vacation). 
  3. Remember that hotels typically have a 24-hour cancellation policy so you can book early before all your trip details are in place. Other accommodation sites like vrbo have great options for families, but typically won’t refund all of your money if your plans change.

And above all, remember how healing the sun is. Get a few minutes of vitamin D every day (at least 15 minutes is best but not to the point of burning) to help fuel your health and keep your stress at bay. After all, there’s much more of those sun rays in Spring time!