The Best Way To Stay Healthy While Traveling!

How Co-Founder Amber Benson Keeps Up Her Nutrition While Traveling


One of the highlights of travel is experiencing new and unique foods. Delicious desserts, local cuisine, and foods you’ve perhaps never tried before.

My latest travels landed me in New York City – a melting pot of people, cultures, and FOOD! We ate bagel sandwiches daily, discovered a French-style bakery that we frequented, and enjoyed one of NYC’s specialties – Italian food – more than once. 

While trying new food is one of my favorite parts of travel, I do a couple of things to help me keep my nutrition up while traveling.


My Travel Day Go-To Snacks

Plane, train, and car travel can be one of the trickiest times to consume foods that will keep you going and keep your health up. I always bring healthy snacks with me on these travel days so that I’m not stuck starving or waiting in the single terminal store line that everyone else is also waiting in.


Ruvi fruit and veggie smoothie! The best on the go nutrition for traveling 

Fruits & Veggies with Ruvi 


Ruvi is the easiest way to bring fruits & veggies with you on the go! Because Ruvi is powdered you can easily fit it into your carry on bag and take it through airport security. I bring my shaker bottle with me as well and enjoy a tasty fruit & veggie drink on the airplane.

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Just Ingredients protein Powder packets for traveling

Travel-sized Protein from Just Ingredients 


Protein is filling and sustaining. It’s great to have some on hand for those longer flights, layovers, or road trips. And much cheaper than eating in the airport. We like mixing Just Ingredients protein with Ruvi to make it more like a meal.

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Wonderful Pistachios 

Nuts, like Wonderful Pistachios


I love salt and salty snacks, so I always have a lightly salted nut with me. A small handful satisfies my salt craving and is a good in-between meal snack that’s loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. 

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Toney's Chocolate

Chocolate, like Tony’s Chocolonely


Because who doesn’t love a hit of chocolate to make those stressful travel days just smooth right out! I love dark chocolate and the beauty of that is that dark chocolate has less sugar and more antioxidants. 🙂

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On-The-Go Hack To Keep Nutrition & Energy Up In The City

I’ve found that when I travel, it often takes time for that first meal of the day to happen. But I wake up hungry and ready to eat. So I always start my morning with a Ruvi fruit & veggie smoothie. Sometimes I’ll add protein to it if I want to make it my breakfast. I make it in my hotel bathroom or sink and add some ice from the hotel ice dispenser. The best part of this habit is that I get nearly half my daily servings of fruits & veggies in as the first part of my day.

Starting things off on this note sets me up for the day with the confidence of a super hero! I always feel better and have a bit more energy when I get in all those fruits and veggies. Plus it keeps my immune system in top shape as I go exploring.

With a little planning and prep, you can keep your nutrition up and feel better while traveling too! Give these ideas a try the next time you hit the the road, soar into the sky, or jump on a train! 


Ruvi fruit and veggie smoothies for travel

Here's to more happy & healthy travels!

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