The Bearded Trainer Kyle and Shallan 15-minute at-home workout

15-minute Full Body At-Home Workout with The Bearded Trainer

Welcome to Week 2 of our September Workout Series! Get ready for a seriously excellent workout that you can do from the comfort of your own home (no equipment required).

At Ruvi we believe in helping people Live In Color! It all starts with eating right, but when combined with the right amount of regular exercise you will be surprised at what you are truly capable of. 

To help you reach your personal potential we've teamed up with exercise experts in the Ruvi Community to bring you our 15 Minute At-Home Workout Series - quick and easy, yet powerful workouts!

These workouts are designed for everyone from go-getter beginners to hard hitting experts. And they are a great way to keep your body moving right each and every day!

To guide you through this week’s workout, we have the one, the only Kyle and Shallan from The Bearded Trainer gym in Orem, Utah. 

Who is The Bearded Trainer?

Kyle “The Bearded Trainer” and his wife Shallan “The Braided Nutritionist” have been married for 13 years and have three beautiful children. Shallan is a Registered Nurse. She manages The Bearded Trainer gym and is a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. Kyle has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

Starting as an intern at a private gym, Kyle worked his way up until he began running all classes and training at the gym. He then accepted an offer at a local gym, where he transformed their equipment and programming into a highly successful and functional gym. 

Kyle always had the dream of opening his own gym “someday”, but wasn’t expecting that opportunity to come as soon as it did. In 2018, Kyle was unexpectedly laid off on Father’s Day weekend. Kyle and Shallan realized it was now or never to take the leap and open their own gym. 

In one short weekend, Kyle and Shallan transformed their 3-car garage into a fully operational in-house gym (literally). 

Kyle was training over 100 clients out of his garage over the next two months. Fast forward to today, Kyle and his wife Shallan just celebrated the 3-year anniversary of their very own gym located in Orem, Utah.Because of their stellar programs and unmatched supportive culture, The Bearded Trainer gym continues to grow. 

Kyle and Shallan look back on this experience as the very best thing that could have happened in Kyle’s career. It is a true testament that hard, honest work pays off.

The Bearded Trainer: Not Just a Workout, it’s an Experience

We asked Kyle what he and his wife Shallan’s gym is all about. Here’s what they had to say: 

“Our mission at The Bearded Trainer has always been to put our clients first. To make each client feel strong, empowered, and ready to take on life’s challenges, whether that’s in or out of the gym. 

At our gym, you don’t just scan your membership card and go about your business, you’re a part of our community, with all ages and fitness levels welcome. 

We will keep you accountable to be your best and continue to progress. The workouts are effective, but the best part is that a workout at The Bearded Trainer is not just a workout, it’s an experience. You’ll have a good time and laugh, and you’ll want to keep coming back because you FEEL GOOD while you’re here and leave with a smile.”

Services Offered by The Bearded Trainer

What are some of the incredible benefits you’ll experience at Kyle and Shallan’s gym?

  • Large Group Private Training Classes
  • Small Group Private Training
  • 1:1 Private Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • InBody Scale Assessments

Check out more info about The Bearded Trainer on their Google page or book an appointment at

Contact Info & Social Media

For questions about their gym, classes, and nutrition coaching, contact The Bearded Trainer:

Instagram: @thebeardedtrainer and @thebraidednutritionist



15-minute Full-Body Workout with The Bearded Trainer

15 minute full body workout with The Bearded Trainer - Kyle & Shallan standing next to each other