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Ruvi 30-Day Challenge Success Stories

Here at Ruvi, we have a product we like to brag about. Fruits, veggies, and nothing else.

No added sugars, preservatives, fillers, artificial flavors or colors. No GMO’s either.

Unlike the fruit juice from concentrate you’d find at the grocery store, Ruvi has all the naturally occurring fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients intact and ready to boost your energy, focus, and fitness.

Ruvi is even picked at peak ripeness, and because its freeze dried the nutrients are locked in for weeks, months, or even years. No more pesky fruits or veggies losing nutrients as they sit on the counter ripening (or rotting for that matter).

Yeah. Ruvi totally rocks.

But, as cool as Ruvi is, you want to know what we think is even cooler?

No question about it. It’s our customers.

We have some seriously courageous, passionate, and loyal customers who engage with our brand. These people know how much good daily fruits and veggies do for the mind and body. They also know that Ruvi is more than just a product. It’s a lifestyle.

And our customers live it.

During April of this year, we put our customers’ will to the test, with the Get Ready for Summer Ruvi Challenge. Tons of our stellar customers, yet again, took their health to the next level. 


The Challenge

The Ruvi Nation was challenged to do three things over the course of 30 days:

  1. Drink one Ruvi every day
  2. Walk 7500 steps or exercise 30 minutes every day
  3. Stop doing one bad habit for 30 days

Each participant was entered into weekly drawings to win free boxes of G2G Protein Bars, as well as an array of $100 gift cards including Lululemon, Nike, and Amazon.

Participants were also eligible to win 1 of 4 cash prizes at the end of the competition. Two lucky winners were awarded $1000 in cash, and two more were awarded $500.

We all had a blast. Best of all, our health improved by getting 4 servings of pure fruits and veggies on the daily with Ruvi.

After all of their hard work and dedication, we wanted to share with you the stories of every single one of those who took their health to the next level!

But alas, we could only pick 4 winners...

Well, at least we can share their stories with you today.

Without further ado, here are the inspiring stories of our winners of the Get Ready for Summer Ruvi Challenge


Jenna Basso

"On March 4th, I was given some very bad news from my doctor on a physical health condition I had developed. I went in for surgery, but it was only partially successful.

I was asked to come in for a second surgery that would be far more invasive and result in a complicated recovery. As a mom with 4 children, this was not really an option, and I was worried about what this would mean for me and my children.

Three weeks into the Ruvi challenge, I went back to the doctor and had some tests done. My doctor couldn’t believe my progress! He asked me what I changed. I had been drinking a Ruvi per day, and cut out sugar and caffeine as well. I have also been sticking to an alkaline diet and light exercise.

Because of the progress I had made, my prognosis changed and I was able to undergo a far less invasive surgery and minimal recovery. On top of this, I have experienced amazing changes in my skin and digestion.

I will never go a day without Ruvi again! I am now able to be here for my family and my kids. Fruits and veggies are a powerful thing!" - Jenna Basso


Lisa Zicolella

"I really enjoyed the Ruvi challenge for several reasons. The obvious first one is the benefit Ruvi has been to my health! I liked knowing I was adding needed fuel via essential nutrients found in fruits & veggies; with none of the junk!

I for sure felt more energy. Typically, I need an afternoon nap most days. Taking Ruvi everyday, I noticed I had more energy to power through many afternoons. I also was able to sleep at nights for longer stretches of time.

As the weather continues to improve I plan on taking Ruvi whenever I can on my fitness journey to better health! I want to be healthy and live a long and fruitful life! I need to be persistent in changing my lifestyle.

One of my favorite things about this challenge was seeing others progress and encouraging them in their journey! There are some amazing people in the Ruvi family. Everyone is such an inspiration in their own way; whether it was their personal achievement, kind words, or just being real with one another! We aren't all adventurers or top performers, but we're all unique and want to improve our health.

One day soon, I hope my husband and I will be fulfilling our dreams of adventure, and surely Ruvi will be coming along for the ride!" - Lisa Zicolella


Lisa Thomas

"I tried Ruvi for the first time as part of the Ruvi Challenge. I’m usually terrible at following through on things like this, but I was able to go the whole month; I even took Ruvi on vacation with me!

By the end of the month, I had broken a weight loss plateau I hadn’t been able to get past for over 6 months! I was able to get those last few pounds off that I gained while I had COVID-19 in October. Thank you, Ruvi!" - Lisa Thomas


Heather Hornberger

"I enjoyed participating in the Ruvi Challenge! Ruvi is a delicious way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet instantly! I also love that Ruvi is a quick, healthy snack! I am a mom of 12 children and I get tired! I drank Ruvi for a quick pick-me-up after my afternoon nap...I also loved sharing Ruvi with my 7-month-old baby...She loves Ruvi too! 

I didn't quite stick with my no-sugar plan, or get all my exercise in...but I still enjoyed being a part of the Ruvi challenge. Thank you!" - Heather Hornberger


Congratulations to the Winners of the April Ruvi Challenge!

Well there you have it. Those are our super cool customers just doing what they do best - being awesome.

We wish them congratulations on winning their sweet cash prizes, and best of all seeing the excellent results of getting their daily fruits and veggies.

To everyone else, keep getting those daily fruits and veggies in. We should all get 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day. We like that Ruvi makes this easier, with 4 servings in each pouch. Just pour, mix, drink.

When you drink Ruvi every day, you’ll be astounded at the energy, vitality, and focus you feel every day, just like these customers. You might even find it easier to wake up in the morning!

There are so many benefits of getting your daily fruits and veggies. We look forward to our next challenge, when we can see our customers make even more progress in their health.

By drinking Ruvi, our customers have all the energy they need to live their highest life; to work hard and play even harder.