How The Ruvi Challenge Is Helping Improve Lives

How The Ruvi Challenge Is Helping Improve Lives


Get To Know The Ruvi Challenge

When did it start?

  • We held our first ever Ruvi Challenge in January of 2020.

How many Ruvi Challenges have there been?

  • This will be our 7th Ruvi Challenge!

How many people have participated, and their lives been changed for good thanks to the Ruvi Challenge? 

  • 1000+ people

What do you do for the challenge?

  • The Ruvi Challenge consist of 3 simple, yet highly effective actions:
  1. Drink one Ruvi per day!
  2. Remove one poor health habit (i.e. no soda, no sugar, go to bed at a better time, etc.)
  3. Exercise 30 minutes a day, or get in 7500 steps

    What do people win for the challenge?

    • We offer thousands of dollars in cash prizes, gift cards, and Ruvi products! For the Spring Ruvi Challenge we are offering FOUR grand prizes as seen below, as well as hundreds of dollars in weekly gift cards and product giveaways!
    1. Judges Choice: Awarded to a first time Ruvi Challenge participant - $1000 cash prize, Ruvi 32 pack & shaker bottle & Maria Provenzano's soon-to-be released cookbook "Everyday Celebrations From Scratch"
    2. Judges Choice: Awarded based on personal Ruvi Challenge story - $1000 cash prize, Ruvi 32 pack & shaker bottle & Maria Provenzano's soon-to-be released cookbook "Everyday Celebrations From Scratch"

    3. Random Drawing: $500 cash prize, Ruvi 32 pack & shaker bottle & Maria Provenzano's soon-to-be released cookbook "Everyday Celebrations From Scratch"

    4. Random Drawing: $500 cash prize, Ruvi 32 pack & shaker bottle & Maria Provenzano's soon-to-be released cookbook "Everyday Celebrations From Scratch"

    What are some of the results you hear from those who participate in the Ruvi Challenge?

    • There are too many to list here! But we commonly hear better energy, improvements in the way they eat, acne going away, weight loss, more motivation to improve their health, better sleep, changes like they've never had before, and more!


    The Ruvi Challenge - Helping Transform Lives For Good

    Ruvi is helping transform people's lives for the better through the incredible power of fruits and vegetables. Medical professionals recommend eating 10 servings of fruits and veggies every day. But let's be honest, that is not easy to do. So as a result most people have become deficient in the most important building blocks of nutrition.

    Research has shown that only 1/10 people actually eat the daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies! So, you can imagine the difference it can make to go from eating very little to getting your full servings of fruits & veggies everyday. When you run your body on a full tank of fruits & veggies you can do things you may not have even imagined you were capable of doing before.


    Robyn Shelemey's Experience With The Ruvi Challenge

    Robyn Shelemey's Story

    "The Ruvi Challenge was amazing! I don't think I've ever consistently gotten my 10 servings of fruit and veg every day for 30 days in my entire life! I was in my second trimester of pregnancy when I started, just coming out of a horrible stretch of morning (all-day!) sickness, and Ruvi gave me such a boost! 

    My digestive system is much, much happier (even those pregnancy hormones that slow everything down are no match for all that natural fiber!). My skin is way better - almost no more eczema or hormonal acne flare-ups. I felt more energy, didn't need to nap nearly as much. My unhealthy food cravings disappeared, and I found I ate better throughout the day knowing that I had started so well with getting 4 servings of F&V first thing. 

    I am on track with my pregnancy weight gain for the first time (both of my previous pregnancies I got a little carried away and gained more weight than I should have!!). It's even inspired my husband to eat healthier (and start drinking RUVI!)"


    Lori Tilles' Story

    "Early in the challenge, I had a blood test done which showed high testosterone, low progesterone, and issues with insulin resistance. I was later diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. My imbalanced hormones were causing significant weight gain, irregular cycles, lack of ovulation (I was actually told I'd never ovulate on my own without the help of drugs), and infertility. 

    Determined to balance out my hormones, I changed my diet. In short, my goal was to eat all whole foods and 10 servings of fruits and veggies a day (including one Ruvi). What did it actually look like? Gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, soy free, under 80g of carbs a day (sugar under 25g), and eating healthy fats freely (a real challenge, considering I'd always limited my fats), etc.

    After my official challenge ended, I continued to eat whole foods and my Ruvi each day. I realized that after 30 days, I was now eating intuitively and found a sustainable way to eat healthy without being obsessed with macro breakdowns. 

    On Sun, Dec. 8 I looked in the mirror. It looked like I had lost weight. I stepped on a scale and I had lost 10lbs! On Tues, Dec 10 I got a positive ovulation test without drugs!! (I am still waiting for a call from a specialist to help me with my fertility!). 

    I 100% attribute my natural ovulation to my change in diet and the abundant fruits and veggies I've been getting! It may be a longer road to heal my hormones, but natural ovulation is a HUGE step in the right direction! FRUITS AND VEGETABLES HEAL."


    Christina Rios' Story

    “I have spent most of my life on a ‘diet’ and failing miserably... 

    Before the Ruvi Challenge, I weighed 306 lbs. In a few short weeks, I went from being unable to reach 7500 steps in a day, to walking for 2 full hours. It would take me almost 2 hours to do 4 to 5 miles, but I kept plugging along. Everyday I took pictures and put them on my FB story, holding myself accountable for my progress. 

    Meanwhile, did I mention I was chugging Ruvi like it was going out of style? I gave up bread and pasta. I haven’t had either since I started. I drink one to two Ruvi drinks a day, and honestly I think I eat way more fruits and veggies than 10 servings every day. 

    As I have gone along, things have been happening. My body has been changing. I’m building muscle, my skin is better, I lose so much less hair when I brush and wash it. I used to get stomach aches ALL the time, I haven’t gotten one in a long time now. I have zero cravings for the carbs and sugars that I used to. My hot flashes have subsided, and in general I just FEEL GOOD. I haven’t felt GOOD in a long, long time.

    To date I am down 20lbs, 6.5 inches. My pants are big on me and I couldn’t be more excited! But it is so much more than just those numbers. I’m changing. My mindset has changed, my eating habits have changed, and for the first time in years I am intentionally moving every single day. The Ruvi Challenge has pushed me to do so many things I never thought I could.”


    What Will Your Story Be?

    Everyone's body is different, so YOUR STORY will be different! Give it a try. See what drinking a Ruvi a day will do for you. Even if you've joined the Ruvi Challenge before, come along again. Your body may need a tune up. Let's do this together!