15-minute At-Home Core Workout with Melanie Webb

Melanie Webb 15-minute at-home workout

Welcome to Week 1 of our September Workout Series! It’s time to get your workout on!

At Ruvi we believe in helping people Live In Color! It all starts with eating right, but when combined with the right amount of regular exercise you will be surprised at what your body can do, and what you are truly capable of.

To help you reach your personal potential we've teamed up with exercise experts in the Ruvi Community to bring you our 15 Minute At-Home Workout Series - quick and easy, yet powerful workouts!

These workouts are designed for everyone from go-getter beginners to hard hitting experts. And they are a great way to keep your body moving right each and every day!

To guide you in this special at-home core workout routine, we have none other than THE Melanie Webb.

Melanie Webb is the founder of Sol Fitness Adventures, author of Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym, and creator of WebbWell The App. Her purpose is to guide and support power players through their recovery and healing process so they can get back to maximum productivity and feel more connected.

Melanie is a recognized leader in the adventure travel industry and an innovator in extending wellness retreats into the outdoors. Her work has been featured nationally on TV, podcasts, and publications including Good Morning America, DEPARTURES, IDEA Fitness Journal, Outside, New Beauty, Los Angeles Times and more.

She trains and guides clients and is sought out by the top-rated gyms, destination spas, tour operators and outdoor brands in the world because of her unique fitness journey and perspective on the outdoors. Melanie is grateful for all of the clients, colleagues and mentors who have played a role in her personal and business development. She has traveled the globe, adventuring in over 30 countries and 25 of the United States—and counting.

Check out Melanie Webb at the following links:

SolFitness Adventures & @solfitadventures

WebbWell - Mother Nature’s Gym & @webbwellco

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15-minute At-Home Core Workout ft. Melanie Webb

Life can get busy when you're a power player working to keep all the balls in the air. This 15-minute At Home Bodyweight Workout Featuring Melanie Webb will help you maximize your productivity without sacrificing your physical well-being.

The short and expert-led workout starts with a dynamic standing warm up, progresses to functional full-body rotations, and includes core exercises to balance muscle groups and help you maintain your focus throughout. 

Welcome to the WebbWell Way of Life!


Click below to follow the workout video

15-minute at home workout cover photo

Melanie Webb is all about combining fitness, community, and the outdoors into one great whole. She absolutely loves mother nature and encourages everyone to incorporate outdoor exercises into their routine to bring more balance to their body, mind, and soul. 

Don’t forget to fuel your life with the very best that whole fruits and veggies have to offer. Order Ruvi - Fruits, Veggies, and Nothing Else. 

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