15-minute full body at-home workout with Tedi Searle

15-minute At-Home Workout with Tedi Searle

Tedi Searle, a.k.a. “The Endorphin Junkie”, ‘brings the hurt’ with this advanced, full-body 15-minute workout! It even includes a bonus 10-minute stretch sequence at the end so you get the perfect start to your day. 

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Woman leading a class in boxing exercises

Phytonutrients A.K.A. "Fighting Nutrients"

What are phytonutrients and why are they important? Vitamins and minerals do so many absolutely incredible things for your body. But did you know that these are by far not the only things in fruits and veggies that impact our health? Phytonutrients are...

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Woman in a pink sweater holding a rainbow lollipop

What in the World Does it Mean to 'Eat The Rainbow'?

What does it feel like to eat the rainbow? You feel like a superhero without a cape. And instead of a cape, you have a jetpack. 

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Girl holding fruits and veggies smiling

What Makes Ruvi Different?

All of our blends are made with 100% whole, natural fruits and veggies. Our fruits and veggies are non-GMO and harvested by many farmers that make sure you get some of the best produce out there. 

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The Bearded Trainer Kyle and Shallan 15-minute at-home workout

15-minute Full Body At-Home Workout with The Bearded Trainer

Enjoy a 15 minute at home workout that exercises your entire body! Lead by 10-year personal trainer Kyle "The Bearded Trainer" and his wonderful wife, Shallan!

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Black woman smiling while flexing her muscles

Why exercise is good for mental health

Want to know all of the reasons why exercise is good for mental health? Well we're not pretentious, so we won't pretend to have them all, but we have a lot! See why working out builds brain health and balance.

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Melanie Webb 15-minute at-home workout

15-minute At-Home Core Workout with Melanie Webb

No equipment needed! Follow the workout video or the easy-to-follow exercise gifs in this 15-minute core workout! You can do this workout from home or anywhere else. Increase

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Dad high fiving his daughter helping her with homework

What can I do to help my kids focus?

Does your kid have trouble focusing? Check out these tips to help your child focus. There are many things you can do to help them out during back to school.

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Older black man thinking and focusing on post it notes on a glass window

How to Focus Without Caffeine

Caffeine is hard to get off of. If you are trying, we have 12 ways that you can increase your focus and energy without caffeine. If you're looking to build your ability to concentrate, this is your article! Check it out.

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Ruvi Active Strawberry smoothie recipe showing ingredients surrounding each other

Ruvi Recipe: Creamy Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie

Fruit & vegetable smoothie that is so good for you! Strawberry, peach, greek yogurt, and more. This is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This smoothie also has 9 different fruits and vegetables in it and is easy to prep. Make a smoothie in minutes! Feel natural, clean energy all day.

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Man smiling in the rain with his arms out at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021

Ruvi x Cirque Series Snowbird 2021

We experience some serious passion, comradery, and optimism at Cirque Series Snowbird 2021. Despite insane weather conditions, many truly Lived In Color as they persevered and conquered the elements.

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Interview with Athlete Mo Hendricks Trail Runner & World Traveler

Interview with Athlete Mo Hendricks Trail Runner & World Traveler

Mo Hendricks is a trail running, mountain hiking, world explorer that is all about getting outside and having adventures with others! She loves to invite new friends to hike trails with her, and believes in sharing in exercise and fitness to uplift others and bring them joy. We are inspired by Mo's life and attitude.

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