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Take Your Health Game to the Next Level in 2022


“To date I am down 20lbs, 6.5 inches. My pants are big on me and I couldn’t be more excited! But it is so much more than just those numbers. I’m changing. My mindset has changed, my eating habits have changed, and for the first time in years I am intentionally moving every single day.” - Christina R.


There’s a big difference between knowing and doing, right? If only we could all do exactly what we know we should when it comes to health. Wouldn’t that be great? Like what if we could just put the numbers in to program our brain and then flip the on switch. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Unfortunately, we don’t always do what we know would be better for us. We slip up, don’t live according to our knowledge, and other priorities get in the way.

Dangit life! Why do you have to be so flippin’ hard?

In this article, we’re going to share some fresh knowledge with you all about living healthy in 2022. However, we can only give you the knowledge - you have to be the one to take the action.

Let the power of fruit guide you! We believe in you! 


How to get fresh produce this winter

You make your way toward the produce section. With fresh fruits and veggies on the mind, you get excited to gather up some delicious apples. As you stroll up to the fresh apple pyramid however, you see that nature’s nectar ain’t so fresh. Many apples are freezer-burned and others are wrinkled.

Looks like you’ll have to forego that crisp apple you were counting on.

Winter is such a beautiful time of year. It’s a time of powdery wonder, snowball fights, and sledding. But winter also presents obstacles to staying healthy, like finding fresh produce.

There are several ways to solve the shortage in fresh fruits and veggies available. You can do your own canning, grow your own microgreens indoors, and more.

We may be biased, but we say the easiest and best way to continue getting your whole fruits & veggies year-round is Ruvi. Ruvi is made from freeze dried fruits and veggies, so come sunshine or snow you can always get your whole fruits and veggies in a delicious smoothie. Plus, Ruvi is even more nutritious than the fresh stuff a lot of the time.


How to make healthy New Years’ resolutions

What does it take to make a New Years’ resolution that WORKS?

Well, first, you need to set your expectations as high as possible. Then, you need to try to tackle 5 things at once. Also, don’t forget that you want to make your goals as complicated as possible and beat yourself up every time you don’t meet them.

Yeah, so that’s a joke.

Take everything said above and do the opposite. When it comes to New Years’ resolutions, some people fail because they set their expectations too high. Goals are best set when they are small and incremental. They need to be taken step by step, here a little and there a little.

Our goals also need to be measurable, and we need to accept that we will not meet our them. When we don’t, we can simply learn from our mistakes, adjust, and try again. No matter how many times we miss the mark, we can keep retrying.

This is why drinking a Ruvi every day is such a great New Years’ resolution. It simply takes remembering to keep your packet in your backpack or bag, then opening it up and drinking it everyday. Just like that, you’ve added 4 more servings of 8-10 different fruits & veggies to your daily diet.


Get your daily fruits & veggies

Do you have a health goal for 2022? Maybe it’s to eat 2 more servings of veggies each day, walk 10,000 steps, or get to the gym 3 days a week?

Whatever it is, getting your daily fruits and veggies will help with it. If you aren’t getting enough fruits and veggies into your day, the New Year is a good time to start.

Drinking a Ruvi, blending up a smoothie, throwing an apple in your lunch - there are so many easy ways of packing some more fruits and veggies into your day. 


Help your kids eat healthier this year

Kids love eating fruits and veggies, right?


Okay, so perhaps they’re a little less prone to loving them. But this doesn’t mean they can’t learn to. Finding delicious ways of getting fruits and veggies into daily meals is a good call.

There are many salads that you can make delicious by adding some berries, craisins, candied nuts, or other foods. This will make veggies more “kid friendly”, so they can get that lovable lettuce in their life!

Ruvi makes it easy to add fruits and veggies to almost anything! Throw a packet into a batch of cookies or brownies; toss some powder into a breakfast cereal; throw Ruvi in pancake batter… Just open the packet and pour it in. It’s that easy! 


To feel good you need to “Eat the Rainbow”

What is the number one thing you want in 2022?

A fancy car? A new house? A hamster named Phil?

All good choices.

But seriously, what do you really want? Our guess is you want to feel good and experience more happiness, right?

Research shows that eating a large variety of plants is the number one thing that improves digestion. When we are digesting well, our mind is resting well. If you want to feel happy, you have to load up on a large variety of different fruits and veggies - you gotta eat that rainbow!


Experience mind & body regeneration in 2022

How would you like to experience a total rejuvenation of your mind and body? What if you could look back on 2021 and say, “wow, I have come such a long way”?

You can! Why? Because PLANTS!

In case you don’t know, plants flippin’ RULE. If you want to experience life like never before, eat tons of plants everyday, such as: 

  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Mushrooms
  • Probiotic foods

Make chowing down on plants part of your New Years’ resolution. When you do, you’ll experience regeneration of your mind, body, and soul. 


Ruvi is a catalyst for all New Years’ resolutions

When you eat better, you feel better. When you feel better, you live better. It’s that simple. Ruvi is whole fruits and veggies, a catalyst to fuel transformation.

When you’re getting the right nutrition, you start to feel you have energy for so many things you could never even approach before. Your body gains more energy and so does your brain. In short, you feel like a superhero without a cape. Because instead of a cape, you have a jetpack.


“To date I am down 20lbs, 6.5 inches. My pants are big on me and I couldn’t be more excited! But it is so much more than just those numbers. I’m changing. My mindset has changed, my eating habits have changed, and for the first time in years I am intentionally moving every single day.” - Christina R.


Let Ruvi be the catalyst for all your other New Years’ resolutions and goals this upcoming year. Subscribe, drink one everyday, and see the difference.

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